1. Those bike punks don’t even make an attempt to share the road.
    That ones fortunate he got his comeuppance on the grass and not the roadway.

    The black haired one in pink, day-em.

    What’s the bunny burner mean?

    1. I believe bunny burner is a referense to the movie “Fatal Attraction.” Michael Douglas has a weekend fling with Glen Close while is wife and daughter are out of town. Douglas things its a fling while Close gets attached and stalks Douglas. Close then puts their pet bunny in a pot of boiling water because she’s crazy, cruel and mentally ill.

      Look up “Crazy Hot Matrix” on Youtube


      1. Got it! Yeah, that one above has those overly exuberant eyes. sumfink ain’t quite right

  2. I had an Austin Princess car once. Never again. Ask The Englishman how crap they were.

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