Quote Of The Day

From CanuckiFriend Fred Z, in Comments:

“The Government of the USA is the best in the world and it’s so shitty it has to be watched every second of every day and thwacked in the gonads as often as possible.”

The only better government I can think of at the moment doesn’t exist anymore:  Hong Kong’s of the 1950s-60s, where income tax was capped at 5%, zero business or cap gains taxes, there was no welfare, “security net” or mandatory retirement contribution, and the government collected no statistics on its population whatsoever.  Now compare that to what Fred’s talking about.

I think I’ll have another gin with my breakfast.


  1. even with the new national security law, above the law policeman, and now puppet government, HK still has better government than almost any other*

    * this observation is unlikely to remain true if you’re reading this after 2020.

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