News Roundup

Today the topic is Sex, With Added Spice.

provided you’re not having weekly sex with the preteen daughter of a Hell’s Angel, that is.

nice to see that the Garda have solved all the serious crime in Ireland and can now focus on  the activities of consenting adults.

looks like the Scottish rozzers have achieved the same as the Micks.

I would have used “tit-tillating” in that teaser, and you’ll see why if you follow the link.

and “I just got sued because I stretched my chick’s box” might end up being the most successful pickup line ever.

now that’s what I call “Special Ed”.

I’m questioning their sample composition here.  Just about everyone I know — male and female — who was of age during the 1970s has a bigger number than thatAnd I’m excluding my fellow rock musicians of the era from that observation.

I got nothing, except this happened in Utah.

I know, this Roundup is supposed to be all about sex;  but tell me you didn’t at least get the stirrings of a woody when you read that headline.


  1. Your stories are all well and good, but you missed one.

    Fairy Princess Gretta Knottedknickers has popped up her cute little chipmunk head to scold the world once again about globabble warming. Or something.

    All this, and Covid-19, too!

    1. It’s “Glueball Wormening”. Try to keep up.

      Besides, the topic du jour is Sex. Little Greta is therefore off-limits, for all sorts of reasons.

  2. fellow rock musicians …..
    The scoreboard only reflected what they could remember……Right?

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