If ever there’s evidence needed that fashions go in circles, take a look at this foul trend:

We used to call that a “convict” cut (somewhat ironic, as the pic is of Australian Shane Warne) or else a “boarding school” cut — which I remember with loathing — and the last time it was popular was in the 1940s, seen here on George Orwell:

I myself think it looks like shit, regardless of era, but it’s all a question of personal taste;  and if that’s going to be my biggest complaint of the day, we’re not doing too badly.

Anyway, when I think of some of my own hairstyles, worn proudly back when I were a yoot… actually, Warnie’s isn’t so bad.


  1. Considering that the barber shops have now been closed by government mandate for 50+ days, and I was about due for a haircut at the time of closure, I’ve been seriously considering taking my beard trimmer to my head. This is pretty much what my barber does anyway, but he can see what he’s doing, and he cleans up the edged better than I could.

    And yes, I have an old-school barber, not a hair stylist. He works out of a shed in his back yard (seriously), has a barber chair, and he does your neck with a straight razor after the trim is done. Never a female to be seen except in the picture of his girlfriend on the shelf, even the resident cat is male. He also closed for his and his family’s safety before the government mandate, which I can’t fault him for. His business, his choice, and his place is pretty crowded if you have more than two people waiting.

    1. I lucked out and happened to get a haircut right before the lockdowns, so I’m in decent shape, but my hair’s starting to get to the stage where it’s long enough to stick up, so I’m glad the barber shops and salons are opening back up.

    2. Every word of this applies to me as well. A few weeks ago I took the trimmer to my head. It’s dead simple and I don’t know why I spent time and money going to the barber for the past couple of decades.

  2. I’m not a big fan of that haircutin general but Orwell doesn’t look too bad in it, since he has somewhat-curly hair.

  3. Most recent haircut was on Sat 2/29 — some 73 days and counting. I’m starting to look a bit like a pale Jewish version of Don King who is also sporting eyebrows of Abe Vigoda.

    @Mark D … your barber seems like a real find. When I lived back east, I used to patronize a barbershop in downtown Nashua, NH. Place had been open since the 1930’s … I think some of the chairs were of that vintage. The most recent owner was a former US Marine, and yes, he used a proper razor to clean up my neck.

  4. Has been fairly common within military and Hollywood wanna be military circles for many moons (Mark Harmon comes to mind), however , I call it the Kim Jong (insert flavor of decade here) look, done a bit more tastefully (as in the acidity when you suppress a mild urge to hurl).

  5. I was just getting ready to make an appointment with my barber in March when the state shut down barber shops.

    I’ve been keeping the hair off my ears and back of my neck with the beard trimmer on my electric razor. It would probably kill the razor to do much else. Looks like crap but it feels much better.

    They get to open up this coming Friday, and I was only able to get the last appointment he had left on Saturday when I called yesterday. Can’t wait.

    My standard haircut is pretty much a short Mil Spec all around without going full shaved. haven’t had this much hair since 1978 when I graduated HS and before I joined ROTC at college that fall.

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