News Roundup

Commentary shorter than Adam Schiff’s dick.

okay.  As long as they also waive the right to state-sponsored medical care if they catch the Chinkvirus.

nice to know they’ve fixed the Chinkvirus thing and can start concentrating on important health issues.

and if there’s a downside to this, I can’t see it.

which means that the Chinkvirus panic isn’t getting headlines anymore, so journalists must go back to older panic warnings,  And speaking of saving Teh Environment:.

doesn’t matter, as long as the goal of closing all eeeevil powerplants remains in place.

And for some lighter relief:

what our parents used to refer to as a “fall-back” career.

quite possibly the best example of a First World Problem ever.

although I would have thought that as almost all sharks have teeth that can rip flesh off your bones, the actual brand of death-dealing shark would be fairly irrelevant, here.  Unless, of course, it’s a completely new breed of Chinese Murder Winged Shark.


  1. Stop being an alarmist. You know darn well that the Chinese Murder Winged Sharks aren’t forecast to arrive on the US coast until August.

    1. Just in time for the pending elections, so it can be blamed on the Republicans, because Trump!

        1. They’re writing the headlines in Beijing for use at the New York Times as we speak.

          Fixed it for you

  2. Surfer hadn’t paid the vig on his debt. Loan Shark put the bite on him.

    “….fuck you, pay me!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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