1. good thing SWAT has Strykers, M113s, and Bradleys…
    And no doubt RPGs, I’m not in the US and even here the police have those things for some reason.

  2. Thanks to G Bush and O Bungler all those mraps we made to solve the middle east process are being upgraded and the old ones cannot be left in theater so they come back to the endless war on drugs and some bright lite figures they can all go to sheriffs to help control whatever.

    Now if we had a tank I would be all up in that.

  3. Is that a Scorpion?

    Anyway, having a tank lends a whole new meaning to ‘drive through’.

    1. Yes its a Scorpion – Jaguar engine in the early versions. Aluminum armor that will almost stop a .50 cal round. Supposedly they held the “official” record for the fastest production armored vehicle. An M-1 Abrams with the governor removed isn’t official. The picture might be a Photoshop job – IMO the resolution of the vehicle and the background don’t appear to be the same. I’ve seen an old six wheel Saracen vehicle at a parade but I didn’t have enough time to ask the owner about the vehicle’s history other than to learn that it was sold as surplus by the Houston TX PD. Maybe it originally came out of Canada. Anyway its a cool picture.

  4. “good thing SWAT has Strykers, M113s, and Bradleys…”

    We don’t have tanks, and yet still they’re prepared to use the above against us (see: Meal Team Six).

    Then they piss and moan when we buy .50 Barretts. Fuggem.

    1. Marvin Heemeyer showed the way there. Admittedly, his strategy had a specific drawback. (I wonder how he and his killdozer would’ve fared against military armaments.)

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