News Roundup

Short and sweet, like Ariel Winter.

…which rather makes nonsense of the poll results below:

to which I ask:  WHICH Americans?  Did they poll only the Harvard faculty lounge?

given how much the Chinese hate Blacks, that’s probably a design feature of the Chinkvirus, not a flaw.

guess their jobs weren’t as “essential” as they thought.  Let’s hope it’s a trend.

..whereby you don’t have to stay at home to have sex with yer girlfriend.

and yet, we’re the bad guys for doing stuff like this:

damn, but this is taking a long time.

and even though this particular incident was in Britishland, it’s a left-wing ploy everywhere.  Which is why we’re not surprised by:

because it’s easier to hijack a mass mailing and forge different votes than to do all that tedious cemetery work to find new voters.

this guy is a bigger ginger pussy than his aunt Sarah Ferguson ever was.


  1. “Left-wing politician Charged with Vote-by-Mail Fraud”
    Ain’t the first – won’t be the last. For a good example, check Oregon; over 50% of the mail-in ballots come from two California cities.
    At least Oregon’s not as bad as Washington State which made it legal for aliens (and they have a lot of them) to vote, but they’re trying hard to catch up.

  2. Harry gives new meaning to the term “p*ssy whipped,” doesn’t he? Not that that comes as a surprise, it kind of comes with the genetics, doesn’t it?

    Here’s a thought: after some years living in L.A., Harry, looking for an evening out of the house and away from Meghan, heads down to his local tavern for a few brews with the boys. Do you suppose they’ll call him Prince, or Yer Majesty?

    1. Re the photo of Aunt Sarah: Love the belt.

      Like we used to say about our flight suits: “If God had wanted you to fly, you’d have been born with green baggy skin.”

  3. Tell me, did those U.S. bishops also decry the disproportionate effect of coronavirus on men?

    Thought not.

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