The Real Redress

So Gen. Michael Flynn has had the nonsensical case against him dropped because the lying cocksuckers at the FBI tried to frame and railroad him with a bullshit charge, and the new heads at the DOJ decided to give up a lost cause.  (Side note:  it’s now time to remove the criminality of lying to a federal agent, or else extend the same criminality and punishments to the federal agent lying to you.)

The problem is that an innocent man has been bankrupted trying to defend himself against this blatant banana-republic connivance, and still stands under a cloud for no good reason, and the question remains:  how do we compensate Flynn for the harm to his reputation and for his financial harm?  There could be a lawsuit filed, but we all know that’s utter bullshit, he’ll get (if anything) pennies to the dollar and his lawyers will go away rich.  Trump’s muttering about a heavy price, but color me dubious.

Nor, I think, will James Comey, Strzok and their little band of merry men suffer any real distress for their own lawlessness — and if you think they will, I have a cute little bridge in Manhattan to sell you.  Actually, I’d rather sell you this.

I think POTUS should appoint Michael Flynn as head of the FBI, effective immediately.  And I want POTUS to tell Congress to appropriate a “director’s signing bonus” for Flynn equal to the amount he lost while struggling to defend himself against these sniveling assholes.

And Flynn should get a real fire-breathing set of deputies and assistants extending down the top four layers of FBI management across all their divisions, so that they can start a serious and thorough investigation into not just what happened to Flynn, but to everyone subjected to the same treatment over the past… say, twelve years.

Some good things would come of this.

For one thing, there will be mass resignations at the FBI as the rats will scatter to save their own skins, which is a good thing.  The fewer of these vermin in the once-proud agency, the better.

The next good thing is that the investigations I’ve suggested will pretty much paralyze the FBI for a good couple years, tying them up with endless paperwork and such, with all sorts of people looking over their shoulders, second-guessing themselves and generally being too frightened to go to the can without three levels of authorization.  The busier they are with this, the less time they’d have to perpetrate similar mischief on others.

The third thing, and the best of the lot, is an old-fashioned word:  revenge.  I want Flynn to flay these assholes from stem to stern, laying about him with vim and vigor, fucking up their lives as much as they fucked with his — just because he can.

And POTUS should announce that as a matter of policy, Flynn’s enemies shouldn’t bother filing lawsuits against his actions because he’ll just issue pardon after pardon, basically as redress for Flynn’s hardships suffered these past three or so years.

I’m looking for some Old Testament-style retribution here, because reasons.

Feel free to argue with me, but I have to tell you, you’d better be good because I’m in a particularly vengeful mood at the moment.  However, if you have ideas to make things even  worse for these FBI pricks, legally speaking, I’m all ears.


  1. “…how do we compensate Flynn for the harm…”
    Lose the “we” part. I had nothing to do with it.
    “Individuals” made choices and Flynn bore the results, thus, the individuals should be hunted down and disposed of.

    Yes, by all means, make Flynn in charge of the very institution that tried to kill him off, I’m all for it.
    Better still, in my opinion, just get rid of the FBI entirely. Frankly, when someone destroys their trust I see no way forward for them and their existence is of no use to me. Get rid of the FBI.

  2. I like the way you think. The FBI needs to be made into an example of what will happen to agents of the deep state. Criminally charged, slapped in handcuffs, and frog marched out the front door in front of all the news cameras. This is about more than just revenge, though that is the frosting on top, it is about not only rooting out the bad apples but also sending shock waves throughout the conniving, back room dealing, low life, rat bastards who think they run that town. Let congress scream about it to the high heavens. But if we dig hard enough and long enough, maybe we can repair some of the damage that has been done. As for the FBI, I don’t know if their credibility can be restored. It may be time to shut them down and start over. This is a problem that has been festering since J Edgar Hoover.

  3. I voted for The Donald and will again (there was zero choice, but I still remember a photo of him with his arm around Al Sharpton’s shoulders – I know! I know! – he’s a NY bigwig and, as such, you’ve gotta suck up to all sorts) but I still have a major problem with his actions regarding General Flynn; he did, after all, abandon him to the wolves (on my birthday, yet) and please don’t tell me he had no choice; the charge against the General was questionable at best, even back in February ’17.

    1. At which point, two things would have happened:

      1. The entire matter would have become legally “moot”. And any attempt to by pass it, whether by official investigation, or by private FOIA lawsuits such as JudicialWatch (which is what has really produced the data) could be dismissed for lack of a controversy.
      2. It could be spun as “Trump protecting his crony”…. and without the three years of having info dragged out of them, it would have been harder if not impossible to counter…. particularly in the pre-2018 Senate.

  4. Putting Flynn in charge of the FBI would be a perfect idea. However people seem to believe there was a time when the FBI was this upright organization, protecting us with their G-men. I refer you to J. Edgar Hoover who was the embodiment of evil. Blackmailing any and all, he seems not to have read or followed the Constitution. Look at the files he kept on, well, everyone. How is this different than the Stasi or KGB? Comey was a rightful heir I suspect to the extra legal activities that Hoover pioneered.

  5. What was the line from the movie “Tombstone:” “Make no mistake, it’s not revenge he’s after, it’s a reckoning.”

    I like the idea of naming General Flynn Director of the FBI. While the evil people he needs to clean out are mostly at the top, the people at the lower levels had to have some clue as to what was going on, but no one stood up to raise questions and demand explanations. That once proud and effective agency is now populated by men and women with pudding for backbones. No orders from any Director will change that. Restoring the FBI to it’s past glories should probably include dismantling the agency and replacing it with a new agency built from the ground up.

  6. It’s not just the Feds. The whole criminal justice system needs an overhaul. There are plenty of crimes that should be handled with a misdemeanor fine and slap on the wrist, but are escalated to a felony so the local DA can “prove” they’re doing “something” about crime. Then there are people like Flynn that are arrested on scant evidence but are bankrupted and have their reputation destroyed proving their innocence. Presumed innocent? Maybe, but you will be punished by the process regardless if you’re guilty or not.

  7. I fear that in the real(ish) world, LTG Flynn lacks the knowledge needed to separate the bad actors from the not-so-bad. Yes, he should be financially compensated, preferably from the pockets of those specific individuals who wronged him. But I doubt that he is his best qualified avenger. Rather, appoint his attorney. She would be the ideal kraken.

  8. The good news for General Flynn is that he will get every penny of lawyers fees back, plus damages, from his original lawyers at Covington and Burling. Their betrayal of General Flynn was even worse than what the FBI did to him. The Covington firm prepared and filed the FARA paperwork that the DOJ threatened to indict Flynn for. The moment there was a hint of a FARA charge the Covington firm was obliged to withdraw their representation of Flynn and instruct him to get a new lawyer. Instead, they pressured Flynn to plead guilty to the false statements charge, which meant that the Covington firm was off the hook as a potential co-defendant in the FARA case. With Eric Holder as a senior partner at Covington, I’m not sure the firm didn’t have greater allegiance to Comey, Strzok, et al than it had to Flynn.

  9. Nothing will happen to the feeb pricks. Nothing happened to Lon Horiuchi. Nothing EVER happens to .gov agents of ANY agency who ruin peoples lives, whether its Flynn, the Hammonds, or whomever. They will draw their retirement while Flynn is broke.

    Sad fact is the .gov wants it that way. I have a friend who is a Christian Missionary to Moscow. He once said, “Everything is Russia is illegal, that way when the police stop you they ALWAYS have a reason.” We have an American corollary to that, “When the .gov comes after you, they WILL get you one way or another.” in Moscow they’re looking for a bribe, its more difficult to quantify what our corrupt officials want.

    Beyond crowing and posturing for the next election, Flynn will be just as broke.

    I like your Idea, I would take Stzrok and his ilk, suspend any retirement pay, make them ineligible for .gov jobs, and benefits, fine them, and compel them to pay the fine by having to turn tricks at the NYFC Subway, or some backwater bus station/truck stop. THAT should “pour encourager les autres”

    At the VERY least I hope this squashes the mythical narrative that these .gov agencies are peopled with “noble servants, dedicated to the public good”, that we Americans seem to enjoy.

    1. Nothing happened to Horiuchi in part due to the actions of one Bill Barr who did a lot of pro bono work to quash the state charges against Horiuchi. Because of this, I have been intensely suspicious. I guess I can declare amnesty if he puts lots of higher ups in prison but as we all know that hasn’t happened.

  10. Kim, if they go after Flynn with civil lawsuits, President Trump can’t pardon him. Especially in the state courts. However, if he appoints Flynn to a position, President Trump can invoke “sovereign immunity” under the 11th(?) Amendment.

  11. These criminal conspirators make me think of Seth Rich.
    Just saying.

  12. The FBI? Dare I say it? Say it, say it. Attorney General of the United States. No need for the piddly little office, give him the power to make a grand sweep of the whole department.

  13. Made men. Only way to touch them is to cap the capo.

    I thought Flynn retired as a general and that should be worth something.

    Comey needs to be drawn and quartered in the public square. I think I could round up four horses and some rope.

    1. I’ll lend you a very sharp knife, or would you rather have some rusty scissors?

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