1. Julie demonstrates the correct form for the cranial-rectal-insertion required for all Liberal Arts PhD candidates.

  2. Medical offices are closed. So class, here’s how you self-check during self-quarantine for hemorrhoids.

  3. Irregardless of the way Carlisle moved — and she certainly has moves! — some disgusting pervert always thought it was ‘provocative’.

  4. The lab requirement for the Women’s Studies course was really difficult.

  5. “Right, that’s the easy part. Extending the tongue more than eighteen inches: now THAT’S difficult.”

  6. Women’s Studies instructor (Oberlin College): “This is NOT a sex position.”

  7. And now we will turn to our strategy analyst who is about to take a look at the next Democrat relief bill.

  8. Due to his wife’s flexibility, Tom never got caught in the “do these pants make my butt look big?” trap.

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