1. There’s a Dick’s a couple of miles from here. I haven’t gone into the place since they started playing this sort of game, and when I drive by there the parking lot’s always empty.

    I wonder how they’re managing to keep open, much less make a profit.

  2. Flag on the play, excessive bullshit, ten yards and loss of down.

    At least here in PA, Dick’s usually has another store right next door called “Field and Stream”, generally actually one big store divided into two sections. Dick’s sells baseball/golf/lacrosse stuff as well as sneakers, clothes, etc. Field and Stream sells the hunting and fishing gear. So in the markets where hunting gear actually SELLS, they’ll continue to sell it thru F&S, while in places like NJ where Dick’s doesn’t sell enough guns to warrant the floor space they’ll get rid of them (probably shipping them to F&S stores).

    Nothing but virtue signalling, and the ONLY time I shopped at F&S since I moved to PA was because I had an un-used Dick’s gift card, I’m not about to let them have the money AND the merchandise. Since then I’ll browse in Field and Stream, find something I like, then order it from Cabela’s.

  3. I read your headline, and the first thought to hit my rain-shrouded mind was “don’t be a Dick.” I know it’s old, but it’s early, and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

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