Certain things in life cannot be explained, e.g.:

…and this:

…how this doofus ever became famous:

…and why people continue to believe that government-made levees won’t fail:

But in that set of of inexplicable things, this headline tops all of them:

Here’s what I don’t understand:  how the hell did this story ever get out?

Did the hairdresser brag about her feat on Faecesbook?  Were the hairdresser’s customers alerted to this man’s predicament by his muffled screams, and called the cops?

OR:  did this helpless victim get free (either by being released by his captor, or somehow breaking free by his own efforts)… and then complain about it to the cops?  What kind of man would do that?

And (if the newspaper account of this escapade is to be believed) even as the former were the case, why did the cops take him seriously?

Now if the hairdresser looked like this, then maybe I could understand it better.

…but once again, if the article is to be believed, she wasn’t that bad-looking (with the “Russian caveat”* in effect).

So… did this helpless sex slave think he was going to get his own back on her (so to speak) by shopping her to the cops?  If so, that worked out really  well for him, as he was tossed into jail for the action which got him into this predicament in the first place, and where he was likely to be raped again, only by men and without the after-sex reward of food, money and a pair of jeans.

Like I said:  inexplicable.

*the Russian caveat:  not all young Russian women look like worn-out Moscow street prostitutes, but it’s the safe way to bet.


  1. Kim:

    I don’t know which disturbs me more, the fact that you posted a picture of Andrea Dworkin, or the fact that I recognized her immediately and wondered “why does Kim have a picture of her saved on his computer?”

    1. I had to search Teh Intarwebz for that pic… I think I’ll take it down next week, because such things should not be left lying around where kids can find them.

  2. I will point out that there have been long periods during which Batman was officially deputized. Then another lazy writer would come along and write yet one more “Choosing between Justice and The Law, Batman becomes an outlaw again” story.

    You want something REALLY inexplicable from the DC Universe: how the Hell does a total nut job and perpetual loser like The Joker get henchmen? Ok, criminals are dumb, but to be THAT dumb they’d pretty much have to be potted plants.

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