Cluebat Needed

Some people just have no fucking clue.  Example #1:

I know that this may be seen as hateful / rayyciss / [insert epithet of choice]  to some — but what the complainers fail to realize is that handing out LGBTOSTFU flags to children is just as offensive to some people as waving the Confederate flag is to others.  If you allow the one, you have to allow the other.  The good news in this case is the sub-heading.

Example #2:

Nobody wants gun battles in churches.  However, if the choice is between “gun battle”  and “mass slaughter of innocent unarmed victims”, let’s just insist that “gun battle”  is the better option.  Not only that, but in even considering the slaughter as preferable, we can also say with certainty that people who are prepared to see mass slaughters of innocent unarmed victims just so that their anti-gun mantra is satisfied, are very bad people.


  1. Times they do change in the early 1960’s I was in a frat that flew the Confederate flag on a pole in front of the frat house. Every spring during the formal dance week we would, in Confederate uniform carrying 1903 Springfield’s borrowed from the local American Legion loaded with blanks, march ,with drums and some of the girl friends wearing Antebellum dresses riding in horse drawn buggies and the upperclassmen mounted on horses, down to the county court house, read articles of secession, lower the US flag and raise the Confederate flag. The premise here was that this particular county was never officially, on paper brought back in the the Republic after the War of Northern Aggression.

    That was over 50 years ago and things, over time they do change.

  2. As far as #2 is concerned: Well, when he’s in HIS place of worship, and some goblin walks in and starts shooting at the properly (to him) disarmed congregation, let’s assure him that the police, when they arrive with THEIR guns, will stay outside to avoid a gun battle in the church. The goblin, of course, will probably off himself after he runs out of targets.

    OK I’ll apply the requested clue bat: Mr Douche, er, Daou: No sane, moral person WANTS a gun battle ANYWHERE. No sane, moral person wants a house fire. Or cancer. Or to go to the Emergency Room. This doesn’t mean we outlaw fire extinguishers, or chemotherapy, or emergency medical facilities. The reason is that while no one WANTS these things, they DO happen, and the choice is sometimes between it happening and dealing with it, or falling victim to it. Also, fuck yourself. Strongly worded response to follow.

  3. I love how people who rarely if ever attend church or synagogue, feel completely qualified to tell those of us that do, what our congregational body should/should not be doing.

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