Sempiterna Sinistra

So the Britishland elections are over, and Boris “The Babe” Johnson has absolutely routed the evil Communists and Europhiles who opposed him (see link for body counts).

Of course, the Left has responded to their loss in typical fashion:

Yup… anyone who opposes them and their Marxist dogma is eeevil, raayyycisss and shellfish.

Kinda like our Lefties Over Here, huh?

Fuck ’em, and the class envy they rode in on.  And to the Stout Bulldogs among my Readers:  wave buh-bye to the EU and their minions:

…and allow me to share some of our favorite 2016 vintage with you:


    1. He won’t. He’s actually a liberal Conservative. (I know, a contradiction — but so much about him is.)

    1. Sadly, if they do move to Canadia, they are just a short border -hop away from bring their diseased political ideas here to the U.S.

  1. Everytime I think the Bullet box is our only “remaining” option (pun intended), we get little glimmers of hope like this.

    Trump 2020, damn the torpedoes.

  2. Obviously, Labour lost the election because they didn’t call the voters “stupid” and “racist” often enough. Let’s hope the D’s don’t make that same mistake in the upcoming year.

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