Both Sides

There’s apparently been some nastiness between Taylor Swift and her erstwhile recording company which has turned even more unpleasant since Swift egged her fans on to torment said record company.

I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of this issue, but the rule of thumb in any imbroglio of this nature is that the money people (in this case the record company) are always going to try to screw the ideas people (that would be Swift, here);  so the default position in all this would be to think, with lots of justification, that once again, the record industry is trying to chisel the artist.  (Think of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty not able to perform Proud Mary  for years  because of the record company bastards and publishing deals.)

That said, however, this is  the serial feuder and generally-spiteful Taylor Swift we’re talking about, so I think I’ll reserve judgment, just this once.  Millionaires squabbling with millionaires:


  1. I would place this in the same category as, but not nearly as interesting or entertaining, the Iran-Iraq war, except for the fact I don’t care about this particular twit as I barley know her name and couldn’t name or ID a song of hers at gunpoint.

    Of course that describes my response to most of today’s musical acts.

    Now I am inspired to pull my CCR collection and crank it.

  2. I know what Taylor Ham is and I know Swift was a meat packing company, kind of a big meat thing at one time and their motto was something like, “You might beat our prices but, you can’t beat out meat. So, that skinny blond singer girl appears to be well named and that’ all I know about that.

  3. I’ve often wondered, do the movie, TV, & recording industries get their accountants from the mafia, or does the mafia get their accountants from the movie, TV, & recording industries? (Probably a mix since someone higher up has to hire them…)

    1. Sorry to disabuse you but mafia numbers men are dead bang honest or dead bang dead.

      The Capo tolerates no crookedness but his own.

      Like Bill or Hillary Clinton.

      1. Oh yes, Fred, the accountants are fiercely loyal to the Capo – keeping one set of books for him, with actual numbers and then one set of books for the IRS, et. al. This is how a movie like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix managed to take in over $1 billion worldwide, and yet took a loss of $167 million.

  4. “Swift took to social media on Thursday accusing Braun, Borchetta, and Big Machine of preventing her from playing songs from her older albums”

    Hm. What would happen if she just paid a royalty to ASCAP and then just played them in concert? Kind of like how all sorts of musicians got offended when Trump played their songs at rallies, but they couldn’t do anything at all about it because he’d paid for the right to do it.

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