1. Today, the anniversary of the day of your birth, as an american patriot, you must shoot 10 rounds of ammo for each year that you have been alive.

    Then, afterwards, you must replace that fired ammo by a 10 to 1 ratio.

  2. I’ll be out and about today so when Academy opens I’ll pick up two bricks of .22. I bought one of those Heritage single actions for a hundred bucks in the spring and I need to see if the bullets come out pointy end first. People claim that they’re a decent enough plinker. For this evening’s entertainment I have the fixings to build 200 rounds of 9mm ball for the cause.

  3. Just placed an order for some 5.56mm, 9mm, and 6.5mm Grendel, to the tune of 5,000 rounds. National Ammo Day requirements met?

  4. Happy Birthday ya Olde Farte!
    500 rounds of 5.56 NATO arrived last Friday from Lucky Gunner & I’m already thinking about a re-order.

  5. Happy Birthday, Kim.

    100 rounds of .30 caliber carbine for that wunnerful SBH, and a 500 round brick of .22 lr for my Ruger Mark IV.

  6. 560 round can of Swiss 7.62×51 ordered 11/19, with a note saying Happy National Ammo Day!

    Should be here Saturday

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