One-Track Mind

Over at The Daily Timewaster, C.W. often posts scenic pics like this in his “Open Road” series (click to embiggen):

See, others are going to go into raptures over Nature’s Incredible Beauty etc. etc.  Me, I look at it and say:

“Yeah, beautiful.  I bet that little ridge on the extreme right would make a great backstop if one were to set up some targets and steel plates so that one could blast away in relative comfort from the truck (or next to it), without causing any damage or noise issues (it being somewhat Remote & Desolate).”

Am I the only one who thinks like this?

And a tangential thought:  does anyone know where that pic was taken?  I’m guessing Utah or maybe Arizona…

Update:  Reader RichK emails:

The location is in the Alabama Hills, part of the Owens valley of California, and is looking at the Sierras.
The high peak left of the road is Mt. Langley. The far one is Mt. Whitney. I have climbed both multiple times. Stunningly beautiful country. Sad to think it is part of California.


  1. I look at that picture of beautiful wilderness and all I can think is, it’s a long, long way to the nearest chip shop.

    1. Agreed, although living in Texas, “long way” is a relative term. I have to drive over ten miles just to get decent F&C at The Londoner in north Dallas, for example.

  2. I’m thinking the rocky hill on the right is probably an ambush site, can the terrain support my vehicles if I go off road and what are my alternative routes.

  3. I’m seeing a distinct lack of water. Some of my former colleagues would point out the suitability of the roadside for IEDs; the flyboys would enjoy the distinct lack of cover for any scrotes.

  4. Utah or Nevada were my thoughts.

    I don’t look at the hill on the right as a backstop. I look at the empty land and the nice road stretching and and think it’ll be easy to drive way down there and set up targets at several hundred to a thousand yards away and I don’t have to *walk* there.

    I also view golf courses as horrible wastes of good rifle ranges.

    1. I also view golf courses as horrible wastes of good rifle ranges.

      Dag Nab it! You took my line!

    1. My guess as well, although I would say father north, maybe east of the Mammoth Lakes area. Snow line and foreground of sagebrush and sandy soil indicates a “rain shadow” weather effect from the mountains.

      I went to high school in the sage and juniper high desert of northern California. I spent the bulk of my spare time out hunting furry critters with my 22. So, in the photo above, my first instinct is to scan the sage brush for bunny ears and the rock piles for Rock Chucks. Plus the joy of being out in the wide open spaces where I can do pretty much what ever I damn well please.

      Trivia tip for those familiar with RCBS–

      The original inspiration for Fred Huntington was to make dies to swage his own jacketed bullets to hunt Rock Chucks.

      1. (Johnny Carson voice) “I did not know that.”
        I’ll have to tell my friend who bought RCBS, I’m sure he doesn’t know that either.

    1. Zooming in as much as I can on my computer doesn’t quite identify those things. Could be some sort of animal or could be ruined tire carcasses. There is also something white next to them. Could be a five gallon plastic bucket or something of a similar shape. There is also what could be a human figure quite a bit further out nearly lost in the limits of resolution.

    2. Whatever they are, they are narrowing the Trail at that point. It’s going to get real DARK and cold very soon and there hasn’t been anything with wheels on that trail for some time and it looks like it a long way back to civilization . But there has been either Horses or Cattle. ( Probably not Zebras or Elk ).

  5. The relationship between golf and a firing range.
    First, a golf ball at 25 yards is a suitable target for a decent pistol.
    Second, a golf ball at 50 yards is a challenging target for a decent pistol.
    Third. A golf ball at 100 yards is a suitable target for a decent .22 rifle.
    Fourth, A golf ball at 200 yards is a challenging target for a .22 rifle
    Fifth, A golf ball at 300 yards is a decent target for a decent CF rifle.
    Sixth, A golf ball at 500 yards is a challenging target for a good CF rifle.
    Seventh, A golfing dimocrat politician at 1000 yards is a suitable target for a decent CF rifle.
    Eighth, A golfing dimocrat politician at 1500 yards is a challenging target for a good CF rifle
    Ninth, A gaggle of golfing politicians at 100 yards is an OUTSTANDING target for 8 or more M 240s.
    Pigs vs pigs.
    This is the relationship between golf and firing ranges.

  6. After spending three years working for my Uncle Sam wearing green clothes in W. Germany in the late 1960-70’s I flew back to the USA, got out at Fort Hamilton in NYC and flew to Houston to let my wife see her folks. Then returning home it was not until we got close to Wichita Falls Texas that I could exhale and breath again, there were open plains and I was back in the real world, my real world where I could see long distances.

    1. The vast expanse of Tejas…..
      Standing on the flight line at dawn at “GoodBuddy” in San Angelo we used to remark:
      “No where else can you look so far and see so much……of Nothing!”

  7. East of the Sierras is technically California, but it’s a different state of mind.

    Parts of this state, and the people, would be unrecognizable to those in El-Ay or San Fran.

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