1. Kim,

    I’ve been following a guy named Rick Beato, pronounced as Be-at-o. His main claim to fame is as as a record producer. As a guitar player, he did many of the things you did as a band member doing gigs. My only complaint is that he assumes a higher level of musical theory in his viewers than I have. He’s also a professional YouTuber. I think you might enjoy some of his stuff. He has access to original studio multi-track recordings and de/reconstructs songs from the various tracks. I really enjoy how he shows how the various parts add up to the whole.

    Look him up on YouTube.

  2. My mom said Fats used to play dances Uptown in the 50’s for $25.

    Pre Katrina, I’d see him sometimes at Crescent City Steak House on Broad Street. A regular. Always very nice.

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