1. I ‘m an Old Fart. I survived the blizzards and pending New Ice Age of “global cooling” in the ’70’s. I survived the “global warming” that’s been dogging the planet since the ’90’s. I’ve dreamed of the rising waters that would wash away so many low-lying Democrat rat-holes.

    It’s like Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert: forty years, and this is all we get?

    We live in Arizona. We’ve already got “global warming,” and we’re not impressed.

  2. But if they’re “ancient heat waves”, then they’re clearly not related to modern-day anthropogenic climate change, and so there’s nothing we can change that will prevent them.

    1. There you go again, applying that homocentric and patriarchal “logic” thing to an argument. Bad Ritter, bad Ritter.

  3. I found this quote interesting. Seems like an admission of previous “tweaking” to make models work. Of course, it probably hasn’t been replicated or peer reviewed yet.

    For the first time, a climate model matches the geological evidence out of the box–that is, without deliberate tweaks made to the model. It’s a breakthrough for our understanding of past warm climates,’ Tierney said.

  4. Well, son-of-a bitch, what the hell are those metric people doing to those metric countries. Here in Texas we use fahrenheit, pretty much as the good Lord intended for folks to use and we don’t seem to have very much extra global warmth, just the usual summer-time broil however, all those metric countries that use that celsius shit and kilometers and kilos and such are going to burn their asses up. Kind of like that metric football stuff where they wear short pants and run in circles for a long time instead of beating the stuffing out of each other, falling on the ground and starting over like real men who purchase their gasoline in gallons instead of liters which makes more sense when you want to get miles per gallon. See, it’s all in how you measure stuff and Texas.

    1. Then there’s that classic High School exam answer: “If it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit what is the temperature in Celsius?”
      “I don’t know. How far is it from Fahrenheit to Celsius?”

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