Just Three

Evil Bastard I mean Loyal Reader Petec directs my gaze to this bunch of Brit ne’er-do-well resto-modders, and my question to everyone is this:

Forget the price, and ignore the fact that it may have been sold;  list your top 3 of the cars on either the “Blue Chip” or “Prestige” pages.

Mine are, in no specific order:

Trying to pick a #1 from this lot is like trying to pick a favorite child.

And if New Wife wanted in, I’d get her this little beauty (because she thinks most modern sports cars are utterly vulgar and horrible):

It’s a good thing that I haven’t won the lottery, or these guys would be getting a visit from me.


  1. Kim;
    Your taste in sports cars is superb.
    The only thing I would add is an Aston Martin DB 5 or 6.

  2. In no particular order:

    Shelby Cobra 289
    Austin Healey 100M
    Bowler EXR-S (gotta get to my mountain cabin somehow, ya know)

  3. I had a Mk 1 E type and I don’t want another, it was hell to live with, awful to get in and out of, horrible to park and the steering!
    I also had an Austin Healey 100-4 and, you know, I really wouldn’t mind another one, I’m trying desperately to remember why I sold it, and I can’t, I strongly suspect it was the deposit on that Lotus Elan, that seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect was, I think, NOT.
    I really wouldn’t mind an XK120, 140 or 150, (150 DHC preferably), I vaguely knew an RAF Pilot at the time who had an XK140 and said that he had fitted disc brakes to it that he got from an English Electric Lightning, he said this, I never saw it, nor any evidence of it. Then, as now, there were lots of loonies floating about.

  4. Sorry I missed out Porsche 356A, I had a go in one of these in the early 80’s which precipitated a row concerning houses, mortgages, responsibility and like that.
    It’s 30 odd years later, can I have one now? (never mind practicality)

  5. Having had a 330 GTC, I would put the 365 GTC on the list, probably the Aston Martin Convertible, and for a track-car – the F40!

  6. Jaguar XK120
    Mercedes-Benz 230 SL
    Ferrari 288 GTO

    I’m a sucker for the six-cylinder Healys, so the 100M didn’t make the cut.

  7. For me:
    Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T …that green….drool!

    Aston Martin DB5 Vantage Convertible

    Tied for 3rd-

    Porsche 356A Speedster


    Jaguar E-Type 3.8L Roadster

    Not sure about the Porche other than an air-cooled boxer engine convertible car intrigues me, and the (slightly morbid) fact that I’ve driven near where James Dean left his mortal coil more than a few times heading out to the Central California Coast.

    The Jag tho’ is dead sexy.

  8. re:
    the latest in a long line of fruitcake initials

    I think the homosex trans-sex initial trend needs to include a ‘P’ for pedophiles.

    And I honestly truly believe they need an island so they can do anything they want with anybody they want.
    Bikini Atoll after 1958 seems reasonable.

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