News Roundup

Your favorite quickie news flashes of the week:

1) Goalie wins AK-47 for being badass — my kinda team award altogether;  although he’d better not bring that bad boy with him to the U.S. or else “Beta” O’Rourke will take it away from him.  [eyecross]

2) Trannie fired for classless attack on conservative woman — only fired?  He/she deserves a whipping.  Nebraska ain’t the state I remember — although this happened in Lincoln, which is to Nebraska as Austin is to Texas.

3)  Trump will “probably” support some kind of gun control legislation — I was going to say something about this, but I have to go buy some more AK ammo right now.  Back in a moment.

Okay… now where was I?

4)  All Democrats would ban fracking — as if higher taxes, gun control, [299 other bullshit policies]  aren’t sufficient reason not to vote for any of these fucking loons.

5)  “Genitalia is not an indicator of gender and it can be harmful to assume so” — ummm no;  actually, I’m pretty sure that ownership of a dick is the primary way to determine that someone’s a bloke, whether he uses it the Elton John Way or the John Holmes Way.  Ditto the vag — although Beto “Gimme Your ARs and AKs” O’Rourke (despite the alleged ownership of a penis) is still a total cunt, regardless of which way he swings.  Frankly, this so-called “gender fluidity” is a symptom of mental instability, not something to be proud of.  And to hell with the whole LGBTOSTFU rabble, while I’m on the topic, because it leads to insane shit like this.

6)  Climate change assholes admit to a fucking great liequelle surprise.  This one was about the vanishing polar bear population scare, which was based on a single photograph.  Sadly, there will be no floggings.

7)  Gun Sales Spike Despite Democrat Efforts To Slow It Down — substitute “because of” for “despite”, and you have a more truthful headline, RedState.

8)  Frogs and Brits go on strike, as usual — and Kim points to his earlier suggestion to re-institute flogging for unionized workers, as we do here in Texas*.

*Okay, we don’t actually  flog unionistas  in Texas, but it’s not for lack of trying.



  1. All references to BUFFalo Bob and his Porn Cows should be met with derision. He is a genuine psychopathic clown.

    The false idea that polar bears would drown is laughable. If anyone read a National Geographic, they’d know that the bears are buoyant for two reasons, body fat and their hair shafts are hollow and filled with air. These same things keep them insulated from the cold water.

  2. PJ Media has a LOT of NeverTrumpers and IIRC Rick Moran is one of them so you should take anything he says about Trump with a bucket of salt.

    Bear in mind that the news was full of Democrats flogging red flag laws, and Trump took one of the more unhinged comments one of them made and said “she’s a perfect example of why we need red flag laws” and all of a sudden nobody was talking about them any more because Orange Man Bad.

    We’re almost three years in and none of the Democrats are smart enough to realize that Trump apparently studied at Muhammad Ali’s feet and is a master at rope-a-dope. Remember that he used it on them twice–in one week–over DACA and nobody is talking about that any more either.

    It’s not 11-dimensional chess he’s playing. He could be playing regular chess or even checkers, but the Democrats are playing Candy Land.

  3. I’m still in favour of one important gun control law: If you can’t properly control one handgun and one long gun, you cannot vote.

  4. “Gun Sales Spike Despite Democrat Efforts To Slow It Down”

    Fox Butterfield, call your office.

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