Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From Charlotte N.C. comes this wonderful news:

Police say a gas station customer was acting in self-defense when he took matters into his own hands Thursday morning, shooting two suspects who tried to rob the store.
Chaotic moments broke out just before 4am at the 7-Eleven in the 4800 block of Brookshire Boulevard.
Police say the two teenage suspects, identified as Qwanterrius Stafford and Brenna Harris, first robbed the customer of his wallet before turning their attention to the store clerk.
“They immediately went straight to him, pointed a gun at him, within inches of his face, very aggressively pointed a gun at him,” Sgt. Brian Scharf with CMPD said.
They had no idea that customer inside had a lawfully concealed gun until he fired shots at both suspects.
Stafford, 16, died inside the store, according to investigators. Harris, 17, got about a mile and a half away on Saratoga Drive before police took him into custody.

[pause to let thunderous applause, jeers and catcalls die down]

Given the names of the would-be property-redistributors, I’m not even bothering to play “guess the race” of the choirboys.

Suffice it to say:

Good Guy 1.5, Goblins 0

You may all go do your Happy Dance now.


  1. The “tough” guy shoved a gun in the customer’s face, eh? I’ve noticed, with visceral pleasure, on Youtube and news clips featuring security camera footage that the “tough” guys knocking off a convenience store instantly revert to type when a clerk or customer produces a gun. They flee, running, staggering, falling over each other, crawling on hands and knees, alligator crawling on their bellies, scuttling for the door like the cockroaches they are.
    “Tough” guys work on intimidation until they meet a real tough guy or gal.

  2. in follow up….
    Brenna Harris was arrested in July 2019 for auto theft. Pending charges he was on electronic monitoring until those charges were dropped due to prosecutors failing to meet burden of proof.

    In his recent outing, following apprehension and treatment of a minor gunshot wound, Brenna Harris spent a whopping two hours in jail before released by a magistrate without bond to his parents. Instead he was granted “custody release” with his parents being responsible for his subsequent court appearance.

    During arraignment the following day, the presiding judge, expecting to see Harris via jail monitor, commented “surprised you’re out of jail” when Harris physically appeared in court. Harris was charged as an adult with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and armed robbery from person. Investigation continues to determine if Harris & Stafford are connected to other crimes in the area.

    In articles, action of the armed customer and comments by a police official were interestingly described; “…officials said the customer felt a deadly threat after one of the masked teens pointed a gun inches from his face and robbed him”. Classic and equally sensible “I feared for my life” reaction.

    A comment by a police official struck me as a bit PC bordering on CYA; ““I believe in self-defense, but it’s not something we certainly like to see. It happened, and everybody has to make their own decision on whether their life is in danger or not, he had a concealed carry permit, was lawfully permitted to carry a firearm inside the store, which is probably why they didn’t know he had a weapon.”

    1. Eh, probably more CYA than PC.

      Let’s get down to brass tacks. No matter how much us loons in the peanut gallery cheer, it doesn’t change the fact that someone’s boy died.

      I may praise self defense but I still feel a small spark of empathy even for some young fool who dies because he’s stupid and wasn’t raised right.

      Make no mistake though: no one forced him to walk into that store. No one forced him to stick a gun in people’s faces. He made those decisions and paid with his life.

      Suicide, you might call it, in the Ankh-Morpork tradition.

      1. sorry Toastrider. i don’t care whose son he is.

        once someone willingly breaks the bond of civilization, then i have no pity or mercy for them.

        we put down aggressive dogs for a reason. what’s the difference here?

        if you would have peace, you must prepare for war.

        if you would have safety and civilization, you must be prepared to kill all barbarians that threaten violence against you.

        it is because we have become unwilling that we are subject to so much of it these days.

        1. I don’t care that his mammy will be sad. She raised the little orc and he got what he deserved before he was able to inflict more grief on the community of decent human beings. It’s really too bad the other one survived. Our concealed carrier needs some range time.

  3. Good drills, that man!

    I won’t do a happy dance – I am British, after all – but I will raise my cup of tea in salute and I will stand him a pint should we meet.

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