Stubborn Things

Everyone laughed when perennial loser / has-been VP Joe Biden stated that Democrats “choose truth over facts”, passing it off as just another one of Joe’s (many) cock-ups.

I didn’t laugh, and it wasn’t a cock-up:  it was said in dead earnest.

You see, that’s exactly how the Left operates:  facts are irrelevant unless they support the Party’s “truth” (or “higher truth”, as they disingenuously frame it).  It’s entirely congruent, for example, with the “Fake But Accurate” defense used by people like Dan Rather (falsifying documents to advance a political position).

The old joke is that if the facts don’t conform to the theory, they must be eliminated.  What the Left does is not just eliminate the contrary facts, they also set out to discredit and destroy the people who stand behind those facts.

It’s not a joke, and Biden is no laughing matter.  He’s no less dangerous than all the other Marxists running for office.


  1. Wow. Hadn’t heard about that flub. And here I am thinking that “facts are stubborn things.” Maybe I should quit listening to John Adams and his contemporaries. Who knew?

  2. So, how does one deal with individuals, groups, or political parties for whom the truth is a moving target? I suppose individuals can just be ignored, but not clumps of people (groups, political parties). Anyone with any sense of history knows where this is leading, and it ain’t a rosy future.

  3. Nancy Pelosi says “You just leave Jim, uh John, uh JOE… where was I going with this?”

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