When “Free” Becomes Rationed

Yet another horror story from Britishland’s NHS:

The absurdity is part of the recent NHS drive to limit the number of pricey, unnecessary operations.
GPs must apply to a body of health chiefs – called the Procedures of Limited Clinical Effectiveness panel, or PoLCE – before they can refer patients for certain procedures.
But what began as a sensible process to stop people getting breast enhancements and eyelifts on the NHS has snowballed into a deliberate ploy to deny genuine patients essential treatment.
It seems a the NHS is doing everything it can to stop doctors giving treatment that we know works.

Why are these opaque and unelected assholes doing this?  Here’s all you need to know:

Another local authority approved just 46 of the 1,162 hernia operations requested last year, according to NHS figures.

You don’t have to be a cost accountant to see the savings involved in denying over eleven hundred surgeries per annum — and that’s just for hernias.  Apply this ratio to all the other types of medical procedures, and the “savings” would add up to billions.

And screw the pain-wracked patients.  They’re just an annoyance to government employees, and their problems are just a line in the budget.

Remember:  whenever you’re faced with some tool who advocates “single-payer” medical care, kick them in the ass.  Hard.  Wear boots.


  1. Rationed health care aside, “Single-Payer” is nothing more than a new revenue stream for government. Track record of the political horse being such, politicians may well add insult to Single Payer injury by including a matching employer contribution. Hey, the same double-dipping scheme has worked for SS since 1935 or so!

    Social Security is sucking fumes due in great part to gubment simply having spent the money. Lockbox Be Dammed /s. Increasingly, SS beneficiaries (SSI) include children/elderly immigrants who never contributed to the plan. And Boomers have just begun making their presence felt. Meanwhile, matching employer contributions remain nothing more than a subtotal in the General Fund.

  2. Locked into a government run (poorly) health system, I am getting extremely irate at other people. The number of times I hear, “At least it’s free,” or “we could be worse like the Americans,” I lose it. Every god damned time. I have been in a holding pattern for over 3 months waiting for an appointment for my son. Not for treatment but for a diagnosis or something. Typical wait times here in Canuckistan range from 21 weeks to 40 weeks. Depending on which part of the country you live in.
    My current family doctor is a two hour drive away and I have been on a waiting list for over a year for one that would be closer. I have been extremely fortunate that I don’t need regular visits and that our health is very good. Anything else and I would be even more upset and angrier.

  3. The key is to use the single-payer system to deny Liberals any kind of health care at all. Except for assisted suicide, of course.

    Let them learn the consequences of their folly the hardest way.

  4. I’ve yet to hear a liberal explain to me how “free” health care gets around the supply and demand curves we learned about in Econ 101. Usually they look blank until I point out what happens to demand for a good or service as perceived price approaches 0.

    Usually, after they hem and haw and stutter all over themselves demonstrating their grasp on economics rivals that of AOC, I then simply issue the following challenge:

    “You liberals want to run the nation’s health care so badly. Fine. You turn the VA into a health care system so good that people join the military just so they can have VA benefits, and I’ll vote with you to bring that to the rest of us.”

    Again, I usually just get blank looks.

    1. You first need to explain that “the military” sometimes gets injured while babykilling and bombing villages, hence the need for the VA.

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