Red Flag Outcomes

I think someone should point out to POTUS Trump that if so-called red flag laws become entrenched in the nation’s legal code, then after he leaves office and becomes a private citizen once more, he will never, ever be able to buy a gun through regular channels — because of the many, many  times he’s been labeled as a danger to society by Lefty psychologists and the like.

Not just that, but any guns he currently owns would in all likelihood be confiscated by the NY state police sturmtruppen, especially if that little fascist turd Andrew Cuomo is still governor.

Ironic, n’est-ce pas?


  1. First, Donald Trump was (not sure if he still is) one of VERY few (a dozen or so IIRC) non-LEO holders of a full-carry pistol license in NYC (Robert DeNiro is another). Because such people are important enough to be allowed to defend themselves.

    On the topic of Red Flag laws, I’ve seen how they can (and will) be abused. A guy my wife used to work with in NJ was a gun owner. His brother was going thru a messy divorce, and the soon-to-be-ex-wife said she was afraid he’d give his brother a gun so he could shoot her. Two uniformed officers showed up at his door and took everything, right down to his bow and arrows. The told him “You don’t have a choice, we’re taking them, you’ll have to go to court to get them back.” So it’s OK that he and HIS family are left defenseless, as long as his sister-in-law “feels” safe.

    Fuck that. Pass the Red Flag law, raise the Black Flag.

    1. I have said before, and probably will again, in my world, red flag = black flag. My weapons have been lost to various calamities, don’t waste your time or mine coming to look for them.

  2. I think you’re mistaken. All gun laws are intended for Hoi Polloi. The head Polloi are exempt.

  3. Considering what must occur to actually write a fair Red Flag law, I trust neither Republicans or Democrats to write such a law. In this political climate, neither side could possibly hope to write an effective law that addresses the mental health aspect of firearm ownership.

  4. 1. Pass Red Flag Laws
    2. Disarm all liberals since they are fucking crazy
    3. Day of Rope
    4. Trump becomes president for life and is never private citizen again.

  5. Are you kidding, Kim?? The rich don’t soil themselves with guns–that’s what armed hirelings are for! Not only will his private troops surround him,but now he’ll have a lifetime supply of unfortunate Secret Service agents to boot.

      1. You think Trump won’t (and isn’t) treating them like replaceable servants?

        Whatever bad things you hear about the Obamas, mistreatment of their SS isn’t one of them.

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