1. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
    This must be the most convenient suicide in United States history.
    No lets amend that. This must be the most convenient suicide in the last 200 years of world history.
    Hundreds of VERY wealthy, VERY powerful, VERY well connected people all on film and documented in a notebook.
    Any odds on that notebook and all the videos going to the same place as ole Hil’s e-mails??

    1. What notebook? He was just a very capable hedge fund manager, friends with thousands of rich, powerful, and well-connected men.
      Nothing should be made of the fact that his seven-million-dollar mansion in the Virgin (no snickering in the back, please) Islands was a gift from a client, nor should anything be made of the fact that it was fully wired for video and sound. Nothing at all.
      Nothing to see here, move on, the Kardashians are on in fifteen minutes.

  2. I predict that now that the evil pervert is dead, people will analyze what books and records are left and demonstrate to a moral certainty that he could not have done what he claims he did as a hedge fund manager or any other kind of financial wizard.
    I predict that this will be proved just as people examining Alfred Kinsey’s reports on the supposed sexuality of ordinary Americans discovered they were statistically impossible and biased to report behavior that was not at all widespread basis .

    Not that anyone will read this in the mainstream press.

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