Every Time, Dude

You’d think the Gun Grabbers would have learned by now, but nooooo:

Gun sales are surging after the weekend mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, fueled by first-time buyers seeking pistols they can carry with them for protection.

The rest of us are just packing an extra mag or two.

Well, so much for “Moar gun control!”

Me, I’m okay for carry pieces — but I’m still looking for an affordable one of these:

You know, in case I get invited to a BBQ over at the TexGov’s place or something.


  1. That one’s easy Kim, Find yourself an S&W 686, polish it, put some high grade wood grips on it, then stuff it in a custom holster from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks https://www.dlwtn.com/.
    You’ll have a revolver that is more durable than that snake you lust for and can be tuned to be every bit as smooth as that scaly reptile. There you go, a revolver that you can shoot every day all day long and never go out of time and most gunsmiths can service it. You can also own FOUR of them for what one Python would cost you.

    1. PLUS, the Smith’s cylinder doesn’t turn backwards and you push the cylinder release rather than pull it.

    2. Nah, if I get a Smith it’ll be a Model 65, plain-Jane. Now all I have to do is find one.

  2. Don’t worry, what with The Street looking at that next recession, the prices are bound to drop as people start selling off their assets to put Mac&Cheese on the table.

  3. I know where one of those is — looks just like it except the barrel is 8″. Sadly, the owner has no interest in parting with it.

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