1. I guess he’s just old fashioned enough to have been taught not to hit women, otherwise he’d personally have administered a well-deserved ass-kicking.

    I’ve known some people who were not so attractive, but who had other good qualities, they were nice, smart, fun to be around, etc. Inner beauty if you will. Ms Dunham is ugly all the way to the core. About the nicest thing I could say about her is that if you ground her up small enough she MIGHT make good fertilizer.

  2. My first exposure to Brad Pitt was in the movie adaption of Norman Maclean’s book “A River Runs Through It and Other Stories”. Wonderful book, wonderful acting, wonderful movie!
    Then I saw “Troy” with Brad Pitt and did a 180 on thoughts about his acting skills. Maybe because one movie was truthful and the other was bulls**t, I don’t know. I don’t really care what befalls him any longer.
    Except that, no one deserves that. Why? did I follow the link??? Miz Dunham in that dress looks like a fat pig, I mean smoked ham, still wrapped in cellophane.

  3. Looks to me like she ambushed him. I am pretty sure even for his trade he has some standards. I don’t know any one who would want to be kissed by that. even with beer googles.

    1. Beer googles: when you do an Internet search for Loni Anderson, but fat-finger it and end up with nude pics of Lena Dunham

  4. And if the roles were reversed (yes, I know I know…go with me on this)…how much would Lena howl at the non-consensual kiss?

    SMH…what a dialtone she is.

  5. Wow, low tide and have your ever brushed your teeth? Smells like a whale died in there.

  6. Another of the pics in that article shows Leo DiCaprio off to the side with a smirk on his face. “-Much- better you than me, Brad.”

  7. But Kim, I thought you LIKED full-figured women!

    (Runs away looking for cover from the Mauser M12!)

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