No Kidding

Another great moment in !Science!, announcing the obvious yet again:

Masturbation helps you sleep

Of course, I was triggered (once I’d stopped laughing) by the rest of the statement, because the followup suggestion is to use a sex toy — a solution so obviously gyno-centric that it shows once again the dangers we men face from the Matriarchal-Industrial Complex.

So to balance the thing, a little old-fashioned male-chauvinistic piggery:

(From Longtime Friend Knob.)


  1. men really are such simple creatures.

    why just this evening i had the pleasure of the company of a very well endowed and sharply young woman.

    i kid you not, i spent half the time telling myself in my best sergeant majors voice, “eyes front maggot!”

    unfortunately for the sergeant major, he was nowhere near as comely as the young woman.

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