1. BING-BING-BING – No question you’re winner of today’s Head of the Class Award!

  1. Wow, low tide and have your ever brushed your teeth? Smells like a whale died in there. You been kissing Lena Dunham again?

  2. Al, you’ve spent your whole public life blaming white folks for society’s problems and calling them the devil. I’m here to tell you I don’t like you giving credit for my work to others, but we’ll talk more about that later…at length.
    I’ll be seeing you again real soon.
    Give some thought to that…

  3. Devout christian Reverend Al is taken ‘aback’ by devout mohammedan Reverend Louis.

    For his part, Reverend Louis enjoys entertaining a rich dream of the coming cleansing time without the likes of Reverend Al.

    For his part, Reverend Al understands his backers possess superior firepower… and ‘all roads lead to Mecca’.

    Please, as the donation baskets pass your way, act generously!

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