Silence In Court

The good folks at sent me a link to their article on silencers (suppressors, moderators, what have you).

If you don’t know much on the topic (I didn’t, until recently), it’s a good one.

Favorite stat: of the ~1.5 million suppressors extant in the U.S., Texas accounts for well over 260,000 (plus one more when I get my act together).

Mr. Free Market has one of these moderated sweetie-pies (because while guns are hated by the elites in Britishland, amazingly, “moderators” are not only allowed, but encouraged  in their use — he has five or six, as I recall).

S&W M&P 15-22. Want.

Thanks to Reader Dave S. for the link.


  1. I have one of the S&W 15-22s that I bought on a Black Friday Special offering last November to use shooting Steel Challenge. Mine came with an S&W red/green dot and a nice zipper case that holds five magazines in pockets on the outside. A suppressor would be a nice addition to my rifle but I am not ready to spend over twice what I paid for the suppressor. Of course if you get a 30 cal suppressor it will work fine for smaller calibers but I keep spending my gun money on ammunition.

    This rifle is not a bench rest gun with its polymer receiver, mine will shoot a 3/4″ group at 50 yards, good enough for me and it will run through five 25 round magazines in a couple of minutes without any problem at all. I was shooting it yesterday having fun in the sun running a steel tree back and forth.

  2. My father passed away late last year. Several years back my brother bought him one of those 15-22 rifles and it hangs in a rack by the back door (they live out in the country). This spring, armadillos have been getting into my mom’s garden. I’ve spent several weekends pulling an all-nighter trying to get the little shits, with no luck. I live 4 hours away, so I can’t get out there every weekend to handle the problem.

    My mom, now in her late 70’s, has never before fired a gun. So she picked this gun up, taught herself to shoot by practicing on tin cans, and recently killed 2 of the little armored bastards with it. She now gets up twice a night and walks perimeter with a rifle. Country life, right there.

    And yes, a little silencer on the end of that thing would be lovely.

  3. Wish we could own one of those. Unfortunately up here in Canuckistan they are considered verbotten. For “public safety” reasons.

    1. Same in Oz.
      I cannot follow the logic. If we are safe enough to have a gun licence, why will our personality change when we acquire a silencer.
      Then again, our gun laws are mainly written by the police and rubber-stamped by the politicians

  4. Kim wants a poly receiver black tactical-looking ‘Modern Sporting Rifle’ type .22? Seriously?

    I would have thought a more elegant .22 autoloader could be procured that would support a suppressor.

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