News Roundup

1) Half of Germany sees Islam as a threat — the other half is Muslim.

2) POTUS tells Congressional Commies to fuck off back to Shitholia — ’bout time.  There’s apparently some confusion about this:  what he meant  was that AOC should first try running Brooklyn  in the way she wants to run the U.S.;  ditto that Black chick for Boston, the Arab from Detroit, and the Black chick from Somalia / Minneapolis [some overlap].  Apparently, however, most Republicans understood his message perfectly.

3) Chuckie thinks that slavery reparations are a good idea — of course he does, the slimy little Commie fuck.  Ever since Black Jesus left the White House, the Socialists have been scrambling to keep dem darkies on the plantation, and this seems to be the best they can do.  (They can’t promise Black people actual jobs, of course — Trump’s already reduced Black unemployment.)

4) Congress under threat of attack — the cops want to increase security because Trump’s rhetoric may inflame sentiment against the Commie Congressmen.  Where was all this concern when Bernie Bros and Pantifa threatened Republicans, e.g. Steve Scalise?


  1. “But it found only 13 per cent of those surveyed want to put a stop to immigration”

    Hmmm. Is that stupidity or not wanting to tell the truth to the pollster, I wonder.

  2. Of course Congress wants SS protection; anything to put distance between themselves and The Great Unwashed.

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