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According to this study, if you are a religious and conservative woman in a traditional (i.e. heterosexual) marriage, you are more likely to be sexually satisfied than other women:

…in other words, those women for whom the expression “Oh God, oh God, oh God!” is not just orgasmic, it’s a benediction.

Must suck to be a liberal lesbian atheist, huh?  (Mind you, this would explain Rachel Maddow quite well [warning: link contains Rachel Maddow], not to mention all the liberal participants on The View [no link, because ugh].)

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  1. … or religious/trad males, i.e. their husbands? (56% compared to 44%)

    In fact, the only group most of which “strongly agrees” with “am satisfied”.

    However, this survey does not address “how much satisfied” (“barely”, “mostly”, “highly”…) Also “in what way satisfied”: a frigid or prudish woman whose husband leaves her strictly alone may be entirely satisfied with that.

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