1. Just read that story. That woman is an utter nitwit. She goes from 100% vegetation consumption and the warranted health problems, to 100% meat including brains and at the age of 25 STILL has not the first clue as to how to eat healthy. Her problem will probably solve itself.

    1. I ‘spect they eat what they can harvest, find, barter, kill, or buy. As will we all when Sandy the dumbass becomes POTUS. Just like Venezuela. You know it’s coming. I just hope my grandkids are smart enough to bugger out beforehand. Successful republics historically have a shelf life of 250 yrs or so. It seems we may have run our course, more’s the pity. Question is, where to go?

      Help me Obi-Wan and vote for Trump. He’s our only hope.

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