So Much For That Idea

Among the gun-controller / -abolitionist crowd, we often hear the tripe trope that “Guns should be kept at gun clubs, which should be the only place you get to shoot them” and “All gun owners should be registered members of gun clubs”, and so on, all to do with how wonderful gun clubs are in terms of controlling gun use and allowing only lawful shooting.  This, supposedly, will help end illegal gun use by criminals / terrorists / Trump supporters etc.

Then we see this little snippet:

Christchurch terror suspect ‘was member of New Zealand gun club where he practised shooting SAME AR-15 rifles used in horrific mosque massacres that left 49 dead’

…and another cherished little belief goes up in flames.

Gun clubs, and the restrictions attached thereto, do as much to stop random acts of violent crime as any of the other nostrums proposed by gun controllers, i.e. practically nothing.

So stop that shit.  You’re not fooling anyone except others of your own ilk.

Afterthought:  I would point out that this asshole, who was captured in the very act of his villainy, is no more a “suspect” than I’m a Democrat, but that’s an argument for another time.


  1. Oh yeah, what great idea. My gun club is w-a-y out in the sticks, up a dirt road, withe the only power being from the club’s own generator. No-one lives on-site. Talk about a Walmart for gun thieves!!

  2. The natural response from the statists when a bad guy does bad things is to blame the good guys doing good things. It makes no sense of course, but it always goes that way. That’s because the statists are intellectually bankrupt, similar to what all adolescent children are like.

    Because of poor parenting, poor gov’t schools, poor media, and of course, much poorer gov’t, these people have never learned the most basic rule of life.

    “You don’t get to tell other people what to do with stuff they own.”

    It has nothing to do with any silly assed *2nd amendment* or anything else.

    A version, if you will, of “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” sigh

    Do these adolescent statists want people coming into their home and stealing their SmartPhone? Their Social media accounts? Their food? Their water? Their lives?

    This basic idea underscores almost ALL of societal ills.
    Some people want to have rules that everybody is forced to obey but them.
    Other people just want to be left the fuk alone.

    **That “…goddamn piece of paper…” has nothing to do with me.
    Right there in the 2nd paragraph of the declaration of independence it spotlights “unalienable rights” that were automatically mine the instant I was born. They are a part of me like the rest of my life and body, mine alone. Nobody gets to say anything about them. period

    The rights, referenced in the 2nd amendment as well as elsewhere in the constitution, are the unalienable rights specified in the declaration of independence, and are inviolate. The only way they can be rescinded or changed is through acts of criminality. There is only one sure way to solve dangerous criminal behavior and that is through instant death to the criminals.

    These statists better get a fukking clue while they are able for when the triggers start to squeeze all bets are off. Intellectually deficient adolescents that they are, they won’t stop until they are severely slammed.

  3. “You don’t get to tell other people what to do with stuff they own STUFF.”

    one of these days I’ll learn to proof read

  4. A couple points:

    a) one portrait of the New Zealand patsy shows a Kalashnikov variant covered in bumper-stickers. The quote in today’s column mentions an ‘AR-15’… no mention of evil divisive ‘Caucasian Nation’ bumper-stickers.

    b) if any of the blather coming from the bureaucrats and other talking heads is accurate [smiles all around], the mohammedans are probably high-fiving each other at finally encountering a worthy opponent. A Caucasian jihadist.

    c) a credit card reader. Ideal for purchasing your 8th century religious tract.

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