Saw this pic at Timewaster‘s place the other day:

Clear out a couple dead trees to accommodate a little .22 range, add a clay thrower to the end of the pier, and Kim’s a happy bunny gunny.

Oh, I forgot:  also, a Ma Deuce to keep gummint agents ummm large predators errrr pirates  at bay.  That’s what I meant… pirates.


  1. Just add a seaplane, Something like a PBY Catalina. Big enough for the whole family, and with mounting points.

  2. To steal a quote: Some people want a big fancy mansion in the city, a fast expensive car, and lots of money to show around.

    And people like me want a cabin far away in the woods to get away from assholes like that. Or in this case, a little house on an island with good fields of fire.

  3. Just mount your targets on buoys – you can shoot any distance and caliber you want off the dock or shore.

  4. This sort of thing is where I take my brain on vacation every day.
    It doesn’t matter where or how, just as long as there are NO people within about 5 miles.

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