1. Even that little squirt is shocked when seeing for the first time a shaved, pierced and tatted splayed vulva.

    1. It’s Playboy, not Hustler. There might be *a* discrete and well done tattoo somewhere on her body–just to let you know she’s a BAADDDD girl, and *maybe* she’ll have her belly button or nose pierced (not both), but only in the classiest sort of way.

  2. Growing-up in a large wet-nursing household, future playmate Mitzi Abramowitch always hoped to be a role-model to millions of pre-weaned fans.

  3. Just before her big day on the cover-shoot, playmate Mitzi Abramowitch suddenly realises she forgot her costumes. [face-palm]

  4. Cover-girl Mitzi Abramowitch suddenly realises dragging her forehead through the weed patch could result in addictively fingernailing the itchy sores. Oh well… live and learn!

  5. “Ummm, let’s check the agenda for today. OK… first up, it looks like gumming my Essential Daily Ration of Playdoh while perusing Playbo for wardrobe hints and great writing.”

  6. Ever-hopeful cover-girl Mitzi Abramowitch is eager to forge the first cross-cultural transition to ‘FacialSpiders’, a fetish magazine.

    Her management team declined comment, adding “Fortunately, the photographer had his shots…”

  7. At long last ==to the delight of millions of adoring female fans == elusive Internet journalist ‘Z-Man’ is identified by secret code on his footwear, followed by denials of rumors his fortified compound was ‘deluged with marriage proposals’ and offers to ‘adopt both of them’.

    The Z-Man constant companion and side-kick ‘Little Z’ declined comment, adding “Cookie?”

  8. 1. “And that, son, is where you came from.”

    2. “Daddy, can you read me another one of the articles?”

    3. “Daddy, she has a beard just like you!”

    4. “This, my boy, is what we did before PornHub.”

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