1. And then there’s the biggest tax of all, the one nobody ever talks about.
    My youngest brother died this past Sunday, the funeral is today.
    He died from a heart attack and was 57 years old and gainfully employed all of his life. He never collected one cent of the money that was stolen from him.
    That’s the gov’ts lottery, they are betting that you don’t make it to the finish line.
    But if you do, so what? They’ll just make more money. You always lose and they always win. Isn’t this a wonderful country?

    1. Sorry for your loss ghostsniper. But the .gov has to rip your brother off so they can pay off people that have never contributed a nickel to the system. Of course, they also get some back by taxing the benefits of people that have any meaningful income after retirement. (Thank you Democrats!)

  2. When I used to have a retail business in Dallas years ago my older brother who is a tax account would prepare my return every year and along with it he would show a figure that was my effective tax rate. As I understood it, it was all of my taxes and taxes generated by my business including sales tax, withholding for employees, on and on. We eventually closed when our sales peaked out and expenses kept rising and I always resented my silent partner, kind of like the mob – the government who took its cut off the top without being exposed to any of the risk.

      1. No. No they don’t. I’ve been a business owner since 1986. Twice during that time the IRS has went in behind my back and stolen everything out of my business account, a little over $9k. The first time that happened I had 29 checks drawn on that account and all of them bounced. Then mysteriously, the money reappeared about 6 weeks later. That happened again, with another bank, but for $7k.

        Then there was the time the IRS sent me a letter saying I still owed $3k even though my accountant prepared records showed otherwise. The accountant told me to send the money cause you can’t argue with them. I talked to a tax attorney, he told me he needed a $10k retainer cause IRS cases take years to resolve. sigh I sent the money. 4 years later they sent it back admitting they made a mistake.

        The best advice I can give is to work under the table, keep your circle tight, and your mouth shut. That’s very difficult, but it’s how free men live in a criminal society. If you haven’t been forced into the free men club yet be patient cause you will be eventually.

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