Following Up On Stupid

Some time back I made fun of a dumb woman who rebelled against her strict Orthodox Jewish upbringing, and then got canned by her employer (an Orthodox Jewish school) when she shacked up with her boyfriend.  Of course, she sued the school for restricting her right to be sinful or some nonsense.

Well, the court finally came to a decision — and they told her to shuddup.

An Orthodox Jewish Nursery has won an appeal over the sacking of a teacher after it was revealed that she was ‘living in sin’ with her partner.
The Gan Menachem Hendon nursery in north London has been cleared over religious discrimination over teacher Zelda De Groen who had worked for the nursery from 2012 until 2016.

Good for them.



  1. In my locale the Catholic Archdiocese ran into a similar situation.
    Their answer was to come up with a new contract with many stipulations for staff & teacher behavior.
    Unmarried teacher gets pregnant? – Terminated.
    Indiscreet practicing homosexual? – Terminated.
    Etc, etc.
    Oh, and failure / refusal to sign said contract? – Terminated or not hired in the first place.

    A fair number of local heathens wrote to the news rag kvetching about said contract but there were a few who took the time to write that were all for it. There was even a high school teacher that wrote in glowing terms about it stating, “It’s about damn time” (or words to that effect)

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