“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim,
I grew up in a very strict Jewish family, and when I reached my late teens I rebelled against the stupid rules and left home. Eventually, I got a job at a very nice pre-school kindergarten — as it happens, an Orthodox Jewish one — and things were going well. Then I met a man, fell in love and moved in with him.
Guess what happened next? The school fired me for ‘living in sin’! Can you believe it? What can I do now?”
– Shameless, London

Dear Sluttiness:
Let me get this straight: you hated the strict Jewish thing, so you left your family. Then – and I want to be sure I read this correctly – you found a job in an establishment that is the epitome of “strictly Jewish”, run by a group that has some very old-fashioned ideas about things like unmarital sex.

And you wonder why you were fired for shacking up? Can you even spell S-C-H-M-U-C-K? Did you also snack on pork pies and shrimp cocktails during your lunch breaks with the children? (Wouldn’t surprise me.)

The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you plan to compound your schande by suing the school for baseless termination, or some such idiocy.

Forget about it. You’re an idiot. And if your new husband has any sense, he’ll fire you too because morons like you should not be allowed to breed.

— Dr. Kim


  1. I know it’s a rhetorical post but it triggered me to go off on a tangent. The lovelorn seeking advice in public places are doomed from the git go.

    I belong to a “traditional hot rod” forum. We mostly talk about how to rebuild vintage v8 engines for hot rods and other aspects of the hot rod art. Occasionally, some young pup will ask personal advice regarding dealing with the opposite sex. Most of us think WTF while some ridicule and others actually offer advice.

    Sometimes, it can be amusing, like the time a youngster posed the question “Which is best: a trophy wife or the girl next door?” Responses accumulated until a grizzled oldtimer wrote “Sometimes, it’s better to give up some top end for driveability.”

  2. Dear Dr. Kim

    “My name is Zelda de Groen, and I am 24 years old and quite gorgeous so I am under the impression I can do whatever I want and you men will smile, nod stupidly and agree.”

    Jeez, Dr. Kim, did you miss the photos in the article you linked? Just look at her, how often in her life has she been told “no” by men?

  3. you should not be allowed to breed

    Why assume that breeding was going to play any role in the relationship? Marriage is all about love and legal bennies nowadays. Children and recognition of paternity are simply optional extras rather then definitive requirements.

  4. An area organization was faced with a similar dilemma.
    This is how they chose to deal with it:

  5. Her defense is basically “no one at the party seemed to care”.
    Sweetie, do not mistake a polite silence for assent or acceptance.
    She knew perfectly well the beliefs of her school. So, that’s just tough, luv.

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