Beauties And Beasts – 5

Once again, I hear the whines:  “Oh Kim, those purty lil’ sports cars are fine an’ all… but they’re plain useless if’n you want to haul a load or sump’n.  So give us more Murkin eye candy.”

I serve to please:

…and that’s it for this series, as 2018 draws to a close.  Next Sunday there’ll be something totally different.


  1. 1968 Ford F-150, V-8, 4-speed, go anywhere, do anything joy to drive. And you could put a full-size sheet of plywood in the bed without having it hang off the back.

  2. Any of the old trucks work for me. No time for dodges though. Have had Jeeps, Fords and Chevys ranging age from the early 50’s to current stuff. I think the next one will be one of the new rangers that is coming out soon. Good size and looks to be a decent truck. Now if they fixed the goofy suspension on the rear axle.

  3. Awright now Kim, you’ve satisfied the sports car dudes, the truck men, etc.
    NOW how about some real eye candy, like MOTORCYCLES.
    Like Ducatis, like MV Agustas, like Velocettes, like Gold Stars, like Triumph Daytonas,
    like Honday CB 750Fs or Aprilias or more Ducatis.
    You know you can do it.

    1. Love me some pickup trucks. I miss my ’79 F150. Also love me some motorcycles, so methinks velocette is definitely on the right track!

  4. If it ain’t got mud on the differentials, then it’s not a truck, it’s a very expensive penis extension. And generally, the larger the tires on either side of a sparkly-clean differential, the smaller the penis of the owner.

  5. Wow – a couple of those country girls actually have some meat on their bones. I’m thinking steaks and real beer, shotguns, and a little mud. I’m old enough to remember when women wore skirts or dresses. Put them in a truck and play the gentleman by opening the door. The view is fantastic. I’ve been married for 42 years. I still open the truck or car door for momma every time and if I can get her to wear a skirt the scenery is still wonderful – just as good as it was back in the 70s.

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