Apparently, these cars are going to disappear (or at least cease production) in 2019, and I can’t say I’m going to miss any of them.  The only one I’d accept as a gift would be the VW Touareg (unkindly nicknamed “Toe-rag” by the Top Gear morons):

…and that only because the Touareg is essentially a larger version of the Tiguan.

…and as any fule kno, I’m a longtime VW devotee (nine VWs in my life so far, and counting).

My current Tiguan is my second, and unless something unforeseen happens before then, I’ll just replace it with a similar model when the time comes.

When you have a winning formula, why mess with it?


  1. I’ll miss the Ford Focus ST. I almost bought one a couple of years ago and would have seriously considered one next time. Fast, fun, practical, with a manual transmission.

    Now they’ve ceded that market to Mazda, VW, and Honda.

  2. I own a Ford Focus. Manual transmission, base model. It’s not flashy, it won’t do 150mph. But it’s a runner, and all I have to do is change the oil, rotate the tires and keep the gas tank full. Keeping the tank full isn’t all that hard because it gets over 36 miles per gallon. No issues, no rattles or bumps or squeaks or “Oh crap what was that sound?” kind of problems. I’m going to miss that line of cars. They just run.

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