News Roundup

1) Candy bars lose sugar, also taste — FFS, if you think a candy bar is unhealthy or bad for you, then eat something else.  Don’t moan and complain until the manufacturer brings out a watery, tasteless variant of the classic. (see:  lite beer)

2) Man fucks with black mamba, with predictable results — there is a good reason why snake handlers in South Africa cannot get life insurance, no matter how much they’re prepared to pay.

3) Cold weather causes vag-freeze — as we’re heading into winter, you may want to get yer Missus a box-warmer (don’t ask).

4) Freaks and pervos hit the streets — where else but in San Francisco?  (Never an errant daisycutter bomb when you need one.)

5) Italy to become the “new Argentina” — as long as they don’t invade the Falklands, we’re cool.

6)  Tropical Storm Rosa will not wash the entire state of California out to sea — and a nation mourns.


  1. Apropos of nothing, look at the first picture in that Daily Fail article. The candy bars have Russian writing on them.

  2. 1. Eat what you want and die like a man.
    2. Who has the smaller brain? The snake or the handler?
    3. I got yer box warmer riiight heeere!!!
    4. Italy may not invade the Falklands but Sicily is within reach.
    5. With all the earthquakes out there I’m surprised CA hasn’t been tsunami’d yet.

  3. > where else but in San Francisco?

    Chicago. New York. New Orleans.

    There is (or was) a bar in Boys Town in Chicago called “The Man Hole”. May still be there.

    Every year they hosted the “International Mr. Leather Competition”. One year (I lived in the neighborhood for a year) I saw to guys walking down the street wearing chaps, briefs, and dog collars with with a chain between the collars.

    The Folsom Street Fair is…worse than that, but Mardi Gras is pretty OTT.

    1. Oof. The annual “Pride” parade down Clark St in Boys’ Town was a sight to behold. (Yeah, I lived in Lakeview for a few years too.)

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