Small Ray Of Sunshine

From Greece comes this tale:

Edward Gibson, 24, and Jessica Frank, 22, were enjoying a getaway in Crete when they found a bag containing 7,000 euros in cash in a street.
They handed the money in to police, who reunited it with its owner, a local shopkeeper who was very relieved to see it again.
‘When police took us to meet the lady she was crying and blessing us. The money was her livelihood.’
She said they were ‘called heroes’ by locals, who gave them free taxi rides and offered them a hotel upgrade.
The shopkeeper, who was in her 60s, is believed to have dropped the bag, which contained the business’s takings, on the way to the bank.

Nice to see that there are at least a couple of decent people in today’s amoral world.  Conversely, that a simple act of honesty should make the newspapers is a comment of a different sort.


  1. It’s good to see these rays of sunshine reported. Doom and disaster sell more papers, but it’s kindness and honesty that make the world work.

  2. My first reaction – “who carries around that kind of cash?”

    Then I answer myself – “It’s Greece, where tax avoidance is the national pastime.”

  3. Kim,
    You and I are both about the same age and of the same type where our parents actually not only taught us the right way to act, but also demonstrated the same values that they expected us to have. The outcome of this was that character was a strong part of my life and who I am, and no doubt who you are, as well. Sadly, such a thing as this really is so unusual that it does call for a news story about it. At least the young man was still recognized as a hero. The time will come when that kind of action will be seen as a character flaw, and not to be desired.

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