1. Angelina Jolie seems to make men suffer before, during, and after they have her. I can’t image hating myself to date her.

  2. My ex-wife, I married over 50 years ago, divorced over 27 years ago and every day without that smart, beautiful woman is a blessing.

  3. Taylor Swift? To each their own but if you’re attracted to girls who have the body of a nine year old boy then you need to up your standards.

  4. It is hard to not say the ex wife. The woman that I thought I was going to grow old with. Also, the woman who said that “I don’t love you, I think I hate you, and I want a divorce. But we can try to work it out if you want to.”.
    Uh, thanks, but what is the point? By the way, I gave her 11 years. My present wife, we have 26 years, and it looks like we are going to make it to the end of the line. I found out that there is a soul mate out there, but it takes 2 of you to build it, working together. It is not going to just show up.

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