Why Not?

So here’s the thing.  William F. Buckley once characterized conservatives as people “standing astride the course of history, shouting STOP!”  I, on the other hand, prefer to think of myself as someone standing astride the course of history, but instead of shouting “STOP!”, I prefer to shout, “GO BACK TEN STEPS!”

Yes, I have always preferred to go back to an earlier (and better) time, when things made sense (e.g. two genders — male and female — instead of the fifty-six flavors now apparently on offer).

Of late, however, I must confess to finding secret glee in not being so reactionary.  Nowadays, I seem to find pleasure in urging on The Great Insanity rather than attempting to fight it.  Here’s an example.

A British university has recently come under fire for allowing a rather different kind of career option in a recent jobs’ fair:

A university has been slammed after its freshers’ fair had a stand that advised new undergraduates on how to be sex workers.
Brighton University’s freshers’ fair last week had a stand run by the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project, Sussex.
SWOP describes itself as ‘A discreet and confidential trans inclusive service for women working in the sex industry who live or work in Sussex’,
Before the fair, the group tweeted: ‘1 in 6 students does sex work or thinks about turning to sex work. We can help.’
On A Level Results day, the group invited students to visit their stands for advice and information on sex work.
At the Brighton freshers’ fair, the group offered free condoms and lubricants for all students and invited to ‘play on our wheel of sexual wellbeing’.
Prizes from the wheel included underwear.

Amazingly (in today’s world), this has caused something of a negative reaction in social media:

One user commented: ‘Saddened to see this. Students should not be encouraged into prostitution.’
Another added: ‘What the f***? Are you seriously encouraging young people to sell their bodies to fund university? “Sex work”? Do you mention this to prospective parents at open days?’
A third simply said: ‘This is grotesque beyond words.’

Unsurprisingly, SWOP responded with the “If they’re going to do it anyway…”  liberal trope (see also:  handing out condoms to, and discussing anal sex techniques with preteens in Sex Ed classes):

‘Rising living and tuition costs mean that more students than ever are turning to sex work and SWOP believe that they deserve our help as well.
‘Sex work is work.’
‘SWOP have never idealised sex work. However, we understand why students may turn to sex work, and navigating the legal precariousness as well as potential danger mean that students are extra vulnerable and we will help.’

As I said earlier, this whole thing would once have brought from me a thundering denunciation of the decline of morality and the liberal-mindset catalyst that has enabled and encouraged it.

Now?  I shrug.  Because whenever I and other conservatives have have had this kind of attitude in the past, the response has often been that we’re being too judgmental, too harsh and too unforgiving.

So now I say:  Go on.  Tell these young girls that prostitution is a reasonable option towards funding their university education;  tell them how to set up “client lists” and draw up “business plans” for the exploitation of their vaginas, and tell them how best to advertise their wares vaginas and where best to set up operations.  Hell, given what’s being taught here, make it part of a business degree — it’s pretty much what’s taught in business schools these days, except that instead of using the hypothetical “widgets” so beloved of business-school professors, they can use real-life vaginas — their own vaginas withal, so there’s not even a need to set up a product manufacturing process!

I know this sounds cynical, and it is.  But my cynicism pales by comparison to that of the people who have re-labeled “fucking strangers for money” as “sex work”.


  1. Hell, it seems that the young ladies, er, whatever, are giving it away free to all and sundry anyway, they might as WELL pay off their student loans in the process.

    Wasn’t there someplace where women on welfare were being encouraged to go into sex work if they couldn’t find any other work, and their welfare was cut off it they objected? Seems it was someplace where prostitution was legal.

    1. That story was from Germany where the aid worker suggested that the young woman go to work in that profession and not stay on the dole because she was fully capable of working

      Without Christianity and God, who’s to say he’s wrong?

  2. All part of the gig economy, right?

    They’re going to be selling themselves for a pittance anyway, with more debt than they’ll ever be able to pay, in the pursuit of nice things that will only add to those debts. My hope is that a vigorous free market drives down costs.

  3. So we confuse kids teaching how to perform, wild, doggy style, monkey sex as young teens and now we encourage them to use their varied skill sets to make money to pay for advanced education but woe unto them who allow the young lasses and lads to barter their sexual goods advancing their careers in the entertainment business.

    Makes me wonder at times who is the exploiter and who is the explotee and for anyone contemplating sexual congress it might be best to get signed and notarized contracts and waivers so in that light perhaps education for those who contemplate sexual marketing makes sense.

  4. A while back, I had a friend who said we should remove all the warning labels and replace them with suggestion labels. So instead of a big orange label on gas pumps that say “DO NOT INGEST” we should replace them with “TASTES GREAT ON CORNFLAKES”. And when that wave of stupid people died out, the world would be a better place. Then we would replace the instructions on shampoo. “LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT” would become “LATHER, RINSE, BLOWDRY”. And when that wave of stupid people died from electrocution, we could move on to something else, with the world getting better and smarter through subtraction.

    It seems like this is a modified version of that. My friend was ahead of his time.

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