In less than one month, three different women each gave birth to a baby. [#NotNews]

However, all three babies had the same father. [#BusyLittleBeaver(s)]

Impregnating three different women in a single month?  Dude

But then we have this guy, who took shagging to a whole new level before dying on the job with a woman just over a third his age.  Perhaps the “bad boy / animal” look had a little to do with it…

In fairness, let’s give a little nod to the fact that he was operating in a Mediterranean nightclub, giving rise to the formula:

young women + booze + vacation mood + away from home = easy shag

I would suggest that any halfway-decent-looking man might have nailed at least a thousand or so, under the same circumstances and over the same time period.

Nevertheless, 6,000 women sounds like a lot (and it is).  So let’s do the rough arithmetic, shall we? Assuming he started his shag-a-thon at age 23, and assuming that he took off about three months a year when the club would have been closed for the winter, and assuming no threesomes (a bad assumption), that’s:

6,000 (women) / 40 (yrs) x 52 (wks) x .75 = ~ 4 (different) women per week, every week.

I played in a rock band during the 1970s, and take it from me:  that’s impressive.

Bravissimo, signor  Zanzi.  He makes our footballer’s hat-trick impregnation quite modest by comparison.


  1. Every time I see numbers like that, I have serious doubt. The type of person who would obsessively count every conquest is unlikely to be the type of person to score that often. But assuming the unlikely mixture of personalities, how come we never see:

    “I’ve slept with 5,748 women. Of those, 3,294 were repeat customers at least one. Of those, 1,019 were repeat customers at least five times. I’ve contracted 315 sexually transmitted diseases, and probably passed on at least that many to other women. I’ve been accused of fathering 1,922 children, but paternity testing has shown that only 374 of those were potentially mine. Unknown are the number of aborted children. My penis has rotted and fallen off twice, and the second time I had it sewed back on by an old Chinese woman.”

    Unless there’s that level of detail, I’m going to assume the 6000 number is made up. For my own sanity.

  2. Georges Simenon, author of many, many books, including the Inspector Maigret series, died in 1989.

    In 1977 he claimed that he had had sex with 10,000 women in the 61 years since his 13th birthday.

    As I recall he had reasonable evidence of it and he was apparently sufficiently OCD that he kept careful count.

    1. That’s 3.15 women per week, every week, with no breaks. From the age of 13?

      I can see stating that he’s had sex 10,000 times with a variety of women, but not 10,000 different women. His Wikipedia page states 2 marriages and 2 long term affairs, so that would certainly tend to limit his opportunities.

      Guess I’m a little sheltered. I can count the number of women on one hand and I’ve been married to the last woman for over 23 years.

  3. I lived in a coastal resort town in South NJ in teh early 70’s. A roommate kept a list of all his lovers. He was about 20 yo. He left town suddenly, while Owing me a bunch of money. His list had 23 names, IIRC.

    Last time I saw the list was when I dropped the envelope in my girlfriend’s lap on her drive home from work. (My boss had trouble remembering her name, so his nickname for her was “Aggravation”). Her name was the last one listed. My previous lover was also on the list. The reason he split was she thought she was pregnant. She turned up on my doorstep looking for him a week later, and her cousin (also on the list) informed me of the story.

    I’m unsure if his list was a lifetime recording, or just for the local area for that year. Memory is fuzzy on that particular. He supposedly had a couple years in the military, so that probably restricted his recording opportunities.

    Don was a very smooth ladies man/con man. I talked to a court official in his home town in another state, and was advised that there was a long list of people ahead of me looking for financial satisfaction, and it would be a total waste of time and money, judging by his court history.

    that was also The Summer of the Virgins. One of my least favorite summers. Swore off virgins, which decision came back to haunt me a few years later.

  4. The was one story of a high school student getting his girlfriend pregnant, and her mother in the same month.

    I’d imagine that family dinners could be a bit awkward.

  5. There was a recent Arab king (I thought it was Farouk, but it may have been ibn Saud) who gave a valuable jewel to a messenger who came to inform him that three of his concubines had given birth that same day.

    In the US… In 2015, Rickey Lackey, a petty thief in Cincinnati, was asked by a judge if he had any children. Lackey answered that he had “six on the way”. He explained further that he was not marrying a woman with six children; “I be concubining.”

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