Actually, No

From some SJW / Millennial ingenue named Hannah Yasharoff:

National Lampoon’s raunchy frat house comedy “Animal House,” which celebrates its 40th anniversary Saturday, is widely regarded as an all-time great movie.  But four decades later, it feels less like a comedy classic and more like a toxic showcase of racism, homophobia and jokes about sexual assault.

As the title of this post suggests, Animal House actually feels more and more (not less) like a comedy classic precisely because it does make fun of racism and jokes about sexual assault*.  (Remember that Dean Wormer’s the mayor’s 13-year-old daughter is the one who comes to the toga party and gets pass-out drunk — and then much later, only after she finally has sex with Larry Kroger, does she shockingly admit her true age.  That’s what was so goddamn funny, you pearl-clutching asswipe.)

Animal House aimed at so many sacred cows it’s difficult to know where to start.  Now that the Left has created its own sacred cows, however, they’ve decreed somehow that while it’s perfectly okay to make fun of (say) religion or patriotism, heaven forbid that anyone make fun of (say) transgenderism (despite the latter’s self-identified social deviancy).

And duh!  National Lampoon’s entire raison d’être was toxic comedy in that they skewered and made fun of everything.  (The word “lampoon” right up there in the title should be sufficient warning, but clearly our SJW children’s liberal education never got that far in the lexicon.)

Good grief.  I need a gin & tonic.  Oh wait:  my love of booze would make me future SCOTUS Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s spiritual [sic] sidekick.


*I don’t recall any homophobic jokes in Animal House, but I could be wrong.


  1. I don’t recall any homophobic jokes either, but the SOP for SJW’s is throw out an accusation and see if it sticks.

  2. Isn’t amazing that the very people who accuse US of being “Puritans” go around with a stick up their own ass, decrying any form of amusement that THEY don’t approve of? A pox on them one and all.

    Animal House. Revenge of the Nerds. Just about anything done by Mel Brooks but especially Blazing Saddles. (Although IMHO one of the funniest lines in all cinema was in The History of the World Part 1 when Madeline Kahn said to her litter bearers “Could you PLEASE step on the same foot at the same time! My tits are falling off!”).

    I repeat, a pox.

  3. “…Animal House…” in my case was a documentary, it was set in 1962 and my Freshman year was 1963 where I was a pledge in the ‘animal house’ on our campus. We had the lowest grades and the best parties and lots of interesting young men who dated some interesting fun young women. Due to some sweet young thing telling her mom about a November party where there was drinking and some making out with dim lights, etc. we were put on probation, not double-secret-probation, and required to have our Christmas party off campus in an old 1930’s Speakeasy.

    About a month ago we had our 18 year old grandson over for dinner before he started his first year of college and I downloaded “…Animal House…” which he had only heard about and we watched it together and I explained that while it was a bit of an exaggeration it brought back some fond memories. His grandma, my 2nd wife of 26 years, thought it might be a little bit raw but her experience was different attending college in the 1960’s in the Haight-Ashbury part of San Francisco. Grandson asked her if she smoked anything funny and she said she did not like to smoke but she liked to bake brownies, whatever that means.

    “…Animal House…” is possibly my favorite funny movie of all time but, you kinda had to be there.

  4. It was the Mayor’s daughter that Larry was ‘assaulting’.

    I don’t recall any homophobic jokes either. Seems like everything was pretty much hetero in that movie.

    The libs keep trying to define what is not acceptable. I wonder what they think is actually funny, other than non-stop Trump jokes.

  5. Lacking the College Experience, I lived through the next best thing, courtesy of the United States Air Farce.

    Being a USAF cop, on base (Lackland, AFB, San Antonio, TX) in the mid to late ’70s, we had our own barracks building, a “temporary” structure, built during the Korean War era.

    The barracks next door, was the housing of Permanent Party enlisted women, who staffed the Wilford Hall Medical Center. And the barracks next to that, was the realm of enlisted women in admin posts, base-wide.

    The Base Police Barracks? Animal House, indeed. With drunken motorcycling through the hallway, keggers in the dayroom, “fraternization” regulations ignored with impunity, and much more.

    Someone shoulda called the cops. Oops.

    Alas, that old building met with the bulldozer in the late ’80s. They should’ve built a monument to it. A gold plated, pantie-draped keg would’ve been appropriate.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. On a happy note, the humorlessness of the New Left Puritan Establishment is setting them up beautifully as the newest target of both humor and rebellion.
    We’re not old reactionaries- we’re the avant-garde!

  7. Well, I don’t think of these lines as “homophobic”, for the main reason that the word itself is utter codswallop. But the modern SJWs would say otherwise. (Isn’t it galactically ironic that the modern Left, once the gleeful residents of Delta Tau Chi, are now a bunch of scowling Dean Wormers? Anyway…)

    Larry to Flounder: “Don’t be a fruit, OK?”
    Katy to Larry: “They’re well known homosexuals!” (“Have another drink, Larry, she’s just kidding!”)
    The Devil to Larry: “You homo!”
    Niedermeyer to his ROTC troops as they’re slipping on 10,000 marbles: “Get up you f*ggots and charge!”

    That’s it. Yes, I have the movie pretty much memorized. No, I’m not ashamed. I’m really hoping that my stupid self-censorship in that last line prevents me from getting banned by WordPress. And if anyone can prove that any gays or lesbians were assaulted as a result of what their assailants heard in “Animal House” over the last 40 years, I’ll eat my hat.

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