Not The Best Idea

So London’s Arsenal F.C. have finally announced a replacement for longtime manager Arsène Wenger.  But I’m not interested in the doings of the North London Scum (as we Chelsea fans call them).  Here’s the interesting thing.  As is customary, the new guy (some Spanish dude, who cares) held up an Arsenal jersey at a photo-op to mark his new allegiance.  Anyone see anything wrong with the pic?

Of all the silly advertising… Visit Rwanda?  Rwanda?

Let’s just say it’s not on my  Travel Bucket List.

Okay, okay… before any pro-Rwandan maniacs get all bent out of shape, let me acknowledge that Kigali was recently voted “Most Beautiful City In Africa”:

…no doubt by the same people who also think that Yemen is a dandy vacation idea.  As with all things African, though, you need to step about a hundred yards outside the publicity photos to find the reality:

But hey… go ahead and fly Emirates to Rwanda, be my guest.

Me, I’m thinking about Prague…


  1. Prague is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to and extremely pleasant for tourists. The food and drink, especially small brewery Czech beers, is fantastic. The old town is full of tourists, beautiful architecture and art, great pubs and restaurants and tall slim beautiful blonde czech girls

    Even so, Czechia is still poor by our standards and there are some very rough parts of Prague. I found one of them by missing my subway stop by two stations and deciding to walk back. Even though it was mid morning, walking very quickly and no eye contact with the local gents seemed appropriate.

      1. Actually they were Czechs. Really, really tough looking buggers. There were not a lot of third worlders in Prague, but some. None that I can recall in this particular area. Not surprising now I think of it.

  2. Never been to Prague, but Budapest is lovely. And Eastern Europe is remarkably inexpensive.

    1. Budapest is smashing. I have a photo of myself next to the Reagan statue down by the Danube and the Parliament buildings. They still love Reagan for what he did to liberate them.

      It gets even less expensive as you go east. We went south and east of Prague to Moravia and the White Carpathians. Half a litre of wonderful Czech draft beer for about $US0.70 in decent restaurants in and near Veseli nad Moravou.

      Stupid me, I did not know I was a half hour from the CZ arms factory at Uhersky Brod, which I would have loved to tour.

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