Wanton Poses

From Reader David S comes this observation in email:  “I can’t get that pic you recently posted of Sophia Loren out of my mind.  Why is that?”

It’s a simple answer, and while Sophia is undoubtedly gorgeous, it’s her unladylike pose which does it.  Those carelessly-sprawled legs… the pose is an age-old aphrodisiac to men, and so powerful is its effect that it was only in the modern era that artists could even begin to portray it, e.g. Henri Matisse’s Odalisque Couchée:

…and Egon Schiele’s Reclining Woman:

Now understand me well:  I’m not talking about the typical pornographic splayed-leg shots, which remind me of nothing less than a gynecological view of the female anatomy (and Schiele is perilously close to it in the above).  But there is something sexy — maybe frighteningly-sexy — when the pose is done properly.  And of course, what I’m saying is useless without pictorial evidence, so here we go:

Téa Leoni:

Anthea Turner:

Amanda Righetti:

Amy Adams:

…and of course, there’s Marilyn:

But when it comes to truly erotic, you need a recumbent pose to get the full effect:

Jean Carmen:

Catherine Deneuve:

Kirsten Dunst:

Claire Goose:

Anita Ekberg:
…and finally, in a pose which mimics Matisse’s Odalisque, Charlotte Rampling:

Some people find these poses too overtly sexual — “slutty”, as my Mom might have put it — but there’s no denying their attraction.  I report, you decide.


  1. There’s an odd continuum to sexiness. There’s sexy, then as it gets more overt it becomes slutty, and when it gets even MORE overt it reverts to extreme sexiness.

    The first level of sexiness is flirty, getting your attention. The sluttiness says “any man can have me”. The extreme sexiness says “I’ve checked you out and decided I want you, so I’m letting it all hang out. Come get me!”. So the extreme sexiness really isn’t slutty, it’s a woman who’s decided exactly what lucky man she wants and is determined to have him.

    At least that’s my theory.

    If you need me, I’ll be in my bunk.

  2. Could not agree more about seeing total naked splayed gynecological view a bit of mystery and suggestion is always better. There is some weird stuff out on the internet in our current times and I remember years ago when seeing little bits and parts and fully clothed like Sophia above could make a guys man parts stand at attention. It is also fun seeing all the lovely ladies above kind of airing it out appearing to be in the mood to be pollenated.

  3. Thanks for the picture of Charlotte Rampling. I hadn’t thought about her in years. Did a quick Google of her and I see that she’s still a very sexy woman. As I’ve said in the past, its nice to see a classy lady who knows how to write in cursive script, tell time with an analog watch and dress with just a bit of provocation without being too much of a slut.

  4. For me, it’s a very fine line but there are one key feature: the sitter should not have her hands anywhere near her genitalia. The pictures also work better if the sitter is not looking at the viewer.

  5. What does it for me is Sophia Loren.
    Most of the others seem slutty, to the point of pornographic in some cases.

    And of course women, while loving to display like that, complain about mansplaining when a man dares to sit comfortably…

  6. That shot of Miss Loren looks as if it was taken on the location of her US breakout picture “Boy On A Dolphin.” The story goes that she was so much taller then co-star Allen Ladd that trenches were dug for her to stand in when they had scenes together.

  7. You all made me look some stuff up, lovey Sophia Loren was relaxing on the set of Legend of the Lost being filmed in 1957 in Libya and co-staring John Wayne. Some sort of treasure hunt film I was unaware of.

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