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According to reports, BritPrince Harry will be living with his new Hollywood wife in a tiny village in the Cotswolds area of Oxfordshire, out in the west of Britishland — and from personal experience, I can attest to the place’s extraordinary beauty. There is a silver lining to his cloud (the cloud being his bossy, oh-so modern and trendy spouse): his “local” will be the Falkland Arms, and a pretty place it is too…

Alert Readers will notice the presence of Britain’s best brewery on the sign, which means that Harry, a renowned drinker in his youth, will be able to drink pints of Wadworth 6X… assuming his health-Nazi wife allows him to ever visit the place, that is.

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  1. Rumor has it that the “cottage” (an estate by any other definition) is haunted. Of course all old buildings in England are supposed to be haunted. A resident ghost just adds to the property value. Step mom Camilla may have some competition from the undead if she pays a visit. Who would be more frightening?

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